Monday, March 30

Bright Shiny Morning

Hello all!!! I must inform you that I'm not singing the "I hate Mondays" song today. Although it started out bad. NO sleep, thats right, not a wink. I don't think my insomnia issues are coming back, I mostly blame it on Breaking Dawn. Haha.
Today was a lucky sock kind of day. I know it may sound a bit odd to some of you, but whenever I need the odds to be in my favor I wear one of my "lucky" items. I'm not superstitious by no means, other than lucky socks, hat, and shirt.

I got the bone scan. I'm radioactive till about 9:00 tomorrow night. The screen was showing the cracks. It's not the first time I've had this done. They are definitely there, not as prominent as they were when the original injury occured last May. I just want to be back to normal, and able to work out, do cardio again. I really miss yoga the most. I meet with my doc next week to discuss the "findings". I'm hoping that he will actually recommend yoga, since it is technically "bone strengthening",and maybe he'll let me do some light cardio. More than anything I would love to tell me that I'm mentally insane, my legs are fine, and I'm imagining the pain. Then I would be happy, and could go on about my business, and workouts.



I brought my friend Rob who had never been in Ikea either. We spent almost 5 hours in there. I had 1 shopping cart, and 2 push carts for big items. He got one chair.
I managed to haul out of there with all this. His enormous truck was packed full.

I hit the jackpot!!!!, only $680 for
  1. Love seat
  2. armchair
  3. High backed chair
  4. Cover for love seat
  5. 2 Covers for high backed chair
  6. Coffee Table
  7. End Table
  8. Floor lamp
  9. 2 accent lamps
  10. 3 pillows
  11. Huge Rug
  12. TV stand
  13. Set of 3 cannisters
  14. 100 pack of tealights ($3.50, almost the same price I'd pay at Walmart for a 10 pack)
  15. Lint Roller (????)
  16. 2 cushions for my kitchen chairs
Technically my kitchen chairs are my metal outdoor furniture. Since I don't technically have a porch, and they fit in perfect with my eclectic decor, I repurposed them. The table is turquoise, with a lime green, and hot pink chair.

I finally made it home around 10, and had to make some dinner. Its super late, but considering I didn't sleep last night, my metabolism is already shot for the day.

Veggie sausage link. I was sage apple flavored. I think the apple was much to strong. Also, the texture kind of weirded me out. The leftover rice was great though.

Tomorrow I have to go up to Home Depot and buy primer for this place and paint for the new place, along with the needed accessories. Like tarps, I really wish my mom could come up here and help me. She loves this kind of stuff as much as I do.

After the new place is painted I will start the assembly process of all the new stuff (ughhhh)

Sunday, March 29

Scrub a dub dub

Hello all, my Sunday is pretty much as expected. Nothing much interesting going on. I went over to the apt to clean it up really good before I start moving my stuff in there.

The kitchen is horrible, I know. But it does not deter me from the love of my new apartment. I moved in two things today after I cleaned up.

Later I went and made an appointment for an oil change, and now I am waiting for some people to take my couches off my hands and pay me $500. Woo-hoo!!! I'm excited. After thats all done, I'm going to grill some tilipia or salmon. Haven't decided yet. I will update this post later on.

I am pretty sure that most of you have seen Natalie on youtube. I saw this today and thought it was just the most hilarious thing ever!

So this was dinner. I went with the pecan crusted tilapia, and sun-dried tomato whole grain brown rice.

Saturday, March 28

Jingling in my pocket

I had a super Saturday, and I hope that yours was great as well. Today was rather exciting in my book. I signed the lease to my new apartment. HOORAY. I'm going over there tomorrow to take pictures, and measurements. My brother said he didn't like it. I honestly don't care though. The only things he ever likes are shiny and new. I was so excited when my landlady gave me the keys.

Afterward I went to eat lunch with my friend Rob. We went out to Bluegrass Brewing Company, BBC for short. I got a turkey burger, it had an apricot-chipotle sauce. It was A-MAZING!!!! Then we drove to a bicycle shop over the border in Indiana. I want a vintage looking, brightly colored bike. I was so afraid they weren't going to have any in my eclectic style. As soon as i walked in, I was like a kid in a candy store!!

I like this one best: Its an Electra Townie 7D. It is so perfect, I just have to save my money for the next month or so, and it will be mine.

I should of taken a pic of it in the store, but I swear my friend will think I'm a total weirdo, since I'm pretty sure he is unaware of my blog. There were even optional baskets, and other things. I could so picture myself riding my bike along Bardstown Rd. My apartment is very close, and parking is crazy in that part of town. I am not a very good parallel parker. We from the south have never had to really learn.

I later went to see my bro, we hung out and played Bingo. It wasn't that fun this time. I get too mad, when they don't call my numbers. I know I shouldn't take it personally, but I do. I doubt I'll play again for a while.

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I almost forgot to mention this. I was offered almost the full PELL grant amount, and in addition to that another one, that pays for schooling to become a teacher. Which I would very much like to do. I would actually like to be a high school math teacher. I've always been good at it, and I figure I could be good at teaching it, and I would really like to make a difference. I'm so excited that everything is starting to come together.....FINALLY. Something else happened to me today that has me flying high on cloud 9, but you will have live through the suspense until it unfolds itself a bit more.
I'm going to curl up with my third installment on the Twilight series. Eclipse, I'm about halfway done already. I'm such an addict now, haha. Goodnight all. Pictures of the new apartment tomorrow. I promise

Thursday, March 26

Pics Galore

I have decided to get a second job, since the good one isn't starting as soon as I had hoped. I finally found an apartment I liked, and put in an application. I'm going to look at another nice one tomorrow just in case I don't get this one. I'll start with yesterdays' eats. Today was pretty eventful, but we'll get to that in just a few.

For a snack I had a So Delicious Coconut Milk yogurt, which I added granola to. Lunch consisted of a yummy sandwich with Smart Deli Ham flavored tofu, jalepeno havarti, arugula, spicy mustard, and tomato, on an Ezekiel bun.

Dinner was a soup that was completely vegan, 100 calories, and pretty darn good

Today I started out with an apple and small banana smothered in almond butter

I finally got my dinette, coffee, and end tables removed. Yeah!!! I had to go over to a friends because his trucks battery died, so I helped out with that. In return I dragged him to look at apartments with me, and go to the bookstore. I was going to finally buy Eclipse, but I remembered it being $6 cheaper at Walmart, than Borders where I ventured today. We went to J. Gumbos at 4th street Live! It was delicious.

Crawfish Etouffee, it was covered over rice. It was a pretty good size, not huge, not too small but I still had to get a box. I managed to finish it before heading to work. I actually enjoyed it a bit today. Still going to look for another job though.

I honestly wish that my life was more interesting so that the pictures I take aren't just of food. Needless to say. This is my life, and in general I'm pretty content with it. I know that I have my bad days like everybody else. Mine just are a bit more frequent. It's understandable though, I moved to a new place where I have to completely restart my life, and its taking some time. I believe that I'm making slow (very slow) but steady progress to getting where I want to be.

Tomorrow I have to go up to UofL, to go see the financial aid office. I'm pretty sure that it will take majority of my day. Especially since I have to see a specific person about the teaching grants, and dealing with all my VA stuff. I really need to get some sleep. I'm just so nervous about this apartment though. I really hope that I get it. That is it for now. I will write soon. I also promise to make these a bit more exciting for those few of you who actually read this thing.

Monday, March 23

Downer Debbie

Today is Monday, my 3rd consecutive day off from work. I gotta admit that I am loving the downtime. I woke up this morning feeling pretty darn good. I have decided that I'm not going to feel down on myself anymore. You have no clue how bad I want to workout, but I committed myself a couple days of relaxation. I'm so worried that if I keep at the pace I was going my legs are going to crack again and I'll be back in the same long recovery boat as last time. One thing I will say is that all this time to myself and being home has not resulted in the healthiest food choices.

Today started out with a bowl of Ezekiel cereal with my new So Delicious Coconut milk:

In a matter of just a few days I have become a "Twilight" addict. I bought the first book on Friday night just because I wanted something imaginative to read. I finished it last night. Since I was not at all a bit sleepy I went and bought the movie and the second book "New Moon".

I did a bit of shopping at Whole Foods. I really wanted their General Tsau's chicken from the hot bar, but they had sweet and sour instead. I've really been craving sandwiches lately but have avoided making them. 1) no cold-cuts, and 2) I'm trying to limit and eventually completely eliminate meat. So I found some Tofurkey, and ham flavored tofu slices, I also got some "sausage" links for when I'm feeling German and wanting a bratwurst.

For dinner I made an awesome black bean chipotle veggie-burger on Ezekiel bun. I forgot to picture, it was pretty good. I forgot to cover the patty in the microwave so it was a bit dry. Nothing kethup could help fix though.

Also while at Whole Foods I stopped in their wine shop. Made myself friendly with the man working in there. In that entire wine shop they only had 1 bottle of Red Zinfandel. I got it, and drank it while I finished up my last 200 pages of Twilight. I spent the entire day reading on my balcony. It was glorious, the wine was decent enough. Not my favorite Red Zin by far, but I still managed to drink up almost the entire bottle. Oh, and I seemed to lose all my wine keys from Carrabbas. At first I was about to go back to WH to buy one, but I remembered packing up my Swiss Army knife the other day. Haha, how clever of me. I do think I'm quite resourceful. By the end of it, I couldn't even concentrate on the first chapter of New Moon, so I hit the sack.

Friday, March 20

Blank Walls, Blank Canvas

Work today was simple and easy. I got a day shift, so I got off at 4:30. I spent some of my afternoon with Paul and Trendon. I am really beginning to miss home. I know it sounds sad and pathetic, but I just want to curl up on my moms couch and watch HGTV with her, or hang out on Larissas porch and SMOKE.

My only friend here is somebody that I sort of dated for like a month. He's a good friend to me, and I'm very thankful for that. Right now everything just seems so screwed up though. My legs are in PAIN, and I don't mean the take a couple days off, stretch, and motrin will take care of it, kind of pain. They hurt, and my insurance company is fucking me over. So now I'm trying to deal with them, and now since they are doing this shit. I'm going to apply for a med-board with the VA.

Every little thing I do hurts, pushing my clutch down, walking up my stairs, having to stand more than a few minutes. So at work I look for every opporotunity to sit that I can. I already know that I've got to stop on the cardio for a bit. I've got a doc appointment tomorrow, and one on monday or tuesday with my orthopedist. So we'll see what goes on. I'm also getting hell from my financial aid office at UofL. I swear, can I catch a freaking break?!?!?!?!?

I took down all the pictures and stuff from my walls. Started my decluttering process. I am getting rid of about half my purses. I'm also making sure to use up all the "almost empty" bottles of whatever from under my bathroom sink. Now is not the time for me to be wasteful.

I really want to tell my bosses to take me off the schedule for a week so I can just relax a bit, but I can't afford that right now. I also need to do it so I can take care of a whole bunch of errands. Like actually going to the VA, financial aid office, apartments.

I'm so freaking stressed out. I just want somebody here to calm me down, and tell me everything is going to be okay.

Oh, and its been exactly 1 month and 2 days since I quit smoking. Go me!!! I know that its stupid to base this on my current situation. But my life was in a lot better place when I was still smoking. My legs felt great, I wasn't having tons of money and apartment issues, I was still seeing the guy, before he turned into the friend. If anybody actually reads this, some encouraging, "dont smoke" calls should be coming from yall to me tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 18

St. Pattys


Not really, but thought it was hilarious. My St. Pattys day sucked, I had to work. Next year, I want to be the person having fun, not cleaning up after them. I gotta go get labs done at the doc now. Work at 5. So I will have time for a GOOD workout.

This was my on the go breakfast:

Raw Organic Chocolate Coconut bar. It was awesome, and cheaper than Larabars. This was a bit more satisfying than the other as well.

My doctor visit took all of 10 minutes. Checked in, they took some blood samples, and I left.

My gym workout was pretty darn good. I only did 20 minutes on the crosstrainer. My legs were hurting so I quit, and did some stretches. Then it was on to abs.

100 sit-ups,
2 sets of 50 crunches,
2 sets of 50 raised leg crunches
3 sets of 25 side bends w/ 10 Lb weights, ON EACH SIDE
2 sets 25 X-files
2 sets of 50 bicycles

I came home and was needing some protein for lunch: Tuna with 2 tsp Veganaise, relish, arugala, and tomato on an Ezekiel bun.

Tuesday, March 17

Closet Cramped

Today I went and looked at a few more apartments. Found one decent one in a good area for $400 and it includes utilities.

I got my hair cut today. I like it. I still miss Lori cutting my hair, she does a better job.

Then there was apartment hunting.

Such a tiny little place :( I see potential though.

For dinner I had an Amy's Enchiladas. I added cheese on top of 'em.

Monday, March 16

Need a good cry

I had so much I needed to get accomplished today. I got about half of it done. I finally got my way with the furniture company. Getting my stuff picked up and getting my money back for the dinette and living room tables. I made some calls to some apartment places. Finally was able to hit the gym, watched my nephew, went to Whole Foods. I also got some stuff printed out for UofL. I still would of liked to do more, but I can't do everything. I also hate how I can't commit to a place until my brother puts in a 30 day notice with my current complex. He keeps putting it off, which is really bugging me. We had a huge fight earlier today. Its just gotten to the point where everything he does annoys me, and we almost always bicker.

Today's eats were a Nutri-Grain bar for b-fast. Lunch involved tuna, veganaise, with relish. It was awesome.

Dinner was this A-Freaking-Mazing. Yummy spinach, endive, arugala, with sprouts, lentils, feta, garbanzo beans. I got this awesome herbs de provonce dressing. Topped with vegan general tau's "chicken".

Now I'm just relaxing, and doing a bit of research on the apartments. I really want to watch Steel Magnolias, for obvious reasons.

Sunday, March 15

Too Tired for Title

I hope your Sunday is going spectacular. Mine was decent, a bit better than Saturdays. Sorry for the lack of blogging. Every single apartment I looked at yesterday was crap, ghetto, and/or smelled like cat piss. Sounds like a blasty, haha!! Today I went to one at 12:30. Its older, but its not crappy, ghetto, and does not smell like cat piss. Its a bit small, but I do like it. Tomorrow I'm going to stroll 2 nice streets that we drove though today. They had a ton of for rent signs. So maybe I'll find something even better.

Later; Paul, Trendon and I had dinner at Dennys. T was asleep from the time we got him out of the car till we put him back in. I had some yummy shrimp, rice, and veggies. I ate a few bites of the potatoes, and toast too:

Now I just want to spend a bit of time relaxing finally.

Friday, March 13


Work was a bore, but I got some much needed hours. Tomorrow is the fun and exciting day of apartment hunting. I'm genuinely excited. I can't wait to get move. Larissa called me, and asked "where are you moving?". On my status update on myspace it said that I got boxes so I can start packing. Sorry Larissa I'm not moving back to Fayetteville, you can expect a visit in June.

I got all my boxes from work so I'm going to look like an alcoholic when I do move. I'm obviously going to have to get more when the truck comes back next week. I refuse to BUY BOXES. I can't people actually make a living off that. I've got some plastic tubs I'll be able to use as well. So I'm pretty set. I'm hoping that next week Paul will be able to clean out his room, and other stuff he has here. The only thing I'm really going to miss about this place is having an in unit washer and dryer. That's pretty darn nice. I've gotta do some more apartment looking up online before I hit the hay. Goodnight all. I hope your Fridays' were more exciting than mine.

Thursday, March 12

cutting my losses????? or not

Started my day off with this yummy treat:

Went to work, nothing exciting. All other food was a bore.

I've already committed myself to selling my couches. Craigslist baby. I bought them for a total of $569, and selling for $500. I literally posted the ad 2 hours ago, and have already gotten about 10 inquiries and offers. one person offered fully price and is going to have a look at them on Monday, and will be able to take them whenever. Another person wants the rug I just bought. I like the rug, but the look I have in this living room is not what I want for my next one. Another awesome reason to sell. I bought it for $40, and they are offering $75. Haha, I love profit.

Speaking of money. I went shopping today. I didn't spend a lot of money. I went to Sephora, and got an Urban Decay pencil concealer. Its so creamy, and provides great coverage that doesn't look overdone. Then I got a Smashbox tinted moisturizer. It is great and provides that awesome dewy look. I'm pretty much over regular foundation. I think it makes me look haggard.

I hit up Old Navy, next to Sephora. I had a $10 off coupon. I bought a really cute sundress, an awesome gathered top, and a St. Pattys Day shirt that I get to wear at work on said day.

I don't know why but I've been obsessed with creating a very strict budget. I just keep thinking that the economy is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. So I want to be financially stable. I'm pretty tired, and have to at work early. I hope to get up around 8-9. So I can go the gym before work. That means its bed time now.

holy effin' hell

work was decent. Got my Ikea catalog in the mail today, so that kept me occupied for my very slow day at work. I get off work, decide to go ahead and pay my Geico bill. I take the chance, and head over to progressive. I customized my progressive with collision, comprehensive, roadside assistance, rental, and upped the coverage of my liability, and with the minimal deductibles. It came out to $175. I thought what the hell that's $20 better than what I pay now ($240 a year). So after I get my progressive all set up. I go to Geico website, and this is when I found out that I only had state minimum coverage liability. So I changed all the settings for the exact same as progressive for a quote, and it ended up being over $500 a month.

That just makes me so mad. I honestly cant believe that. What a freaking rip off. I hate that I'm not even tired. I have to be at work at 11:30 a.m. I'm happy to finally be getting a day shift. I just wish that my sleep pattern hadn't gotten all screwed up again. I also worked out a budget for what my expenses will be like once I start my new job, and move into a smaller place. I will have a lot more money on hand. Yahooo!!!!!

Wednesday, March 11

Pick a side

Why can't people just choose a side and stay there. It seems that as soon as they make up their mind, they want the exact opposite. Well, my friend, it doesn't work like that.

Sorry for the lack of picture posts. Nothing I've made recently looks appetizing. I got my doc appt in a little bit. I had them reschedule from the 9:30 to a 2 o'clock. There was no way I could be up that early. It was another sleepless night. I'm just so tired, and work was a complete bore last night. I know tonight will be as well. At least tomorrow and Friday I get to work during the day. Then I get the weekend off. I requested it, so I can go look at apartments. Then to Ikea on Sunday. That is a maybe though. I gotta leave to go to the doc now.

Tuesday, March 10

Hissy Fit

Tuesday, not a day worth repeating. I could not sleep last night, I finally fell asleep around 5!!!! Woke up at 11, way too late. I managed to get about another 50 calls this morning too, arghh.

I've spent majority of my day dealing with my retarded furniture company. They call me and tell me that I can go pick out a new dinette set, because I'm not happy with my old one. Later, on a separate issue they arrive late to exchange my coffee and end tables. Only they don't bring me my new ones. I call up there and they forgot to put in an order form and the earliest they told me they can get them to me is Friday. So my living room looked very bare. This is when I got pretty mad, and started to throw what I like to call a dignified hissy-fit. After that they managed to bring out my new tables. I don't like them. So I went up there, and I'm just sick of dealing with them in general so I told them I don't want to exchange them I just want my money back for both the dining set, and living room tables. For the pure purpose of doing it, I want them to take back all the furniture I've bought from them. I am just so fed up with this company.

I've already decided that I'm going to get my new stuff from Ikea, but I'm going to wait until I move. I expect my new place will be a lot smaller than what I have now. I'm completely okay with that, it will give me the chance to be more creative with my design concepts.

I didn't go to lunch with Paul, I woke up too late. I also haven't been very hungry today. We discussed the apartment situation, and at first he failed to see how me moving into a smaller place would be beneficial until I broke it down for him, and just over the course of him going away for 4 months, he would be saving $2,500. Now he is all on board.

The only thing I ate today was an Amy's roasted veggie lasagna. It was decent. I've also started taking my vitamins again regularly. I take those GNC vita-packs which have 7 pills in them. Then I take this other stuff from GNC, called Calcimate Complete. Its supposed to help bone density, which I have to take 4 of. The only kind of vitamin I don't mind taking is my Emergen-C, which is basically vitamin C, and it tastes like Sunkist.

I wished that all that drama hadn't happened because instead of going to the gym like I wanted, I had to spend majority of my day dealing with that, and now I have to go to work in about an hour. All in all, I hope tomorrow is a lot better.


I wish there was some type of proper guidelines on friendships. I seem to lose them all the time, as if we were walking down the street together and they fell down a man hole or something. Then others, seem to pop up out of nowhere.

So the guy and me are going to try to be friends. Seems to be working so far. He called me tonight and we talked. I was telling him about my living situation with my bro and how he is leaving to go to Ft. Stewart for a few months, and I'd have to come up with a LOT more rent money. Also, how I was looking for a roommate and posted an ad on craigslist. I really don't want a roommate, anybody who knows me, knows how well I do with them. So he recommended just looking for a much cheaper place. Which I did once I got home, and I talked to my bro about all this, and found out that he has official orders that send him down to GA. Therefore he can get out of this lease.

The whole lease thing was the main reason for my apprehension. I didn't want to leave and screw my brother with dealing foot the bill for that extra money. He is the only one on the lease, not me. So this way we can both safely get out. I already found a lot of great places that I put into a lovely spreadsheet by price, location, description, deposit fees, and whether they allow pets. Tomorrow me and Paul are going to talk about the apartment situation over lunch.

The guy is looking for a new apt as well. Its going to be pretty odd with both of us looking for separate apartments together. This is my first time trying to be friends with somebody I've been with, so I'm not quite sure on all the rules yet.


Yesterday I started my day off kind of late. Hit up the gym around 2, got in some cardio and then a pilates class. May I add that the pilates at my gym is much better than the yoga. I went to Kashmir and got the Malai Kofta, and a tandoori roti. It was delicious. I took a pic, but it is too blurry to even recognize.

Later I went to see Watchmen in IMAX. It rocked. After that is when all the bs from my last post happened.

Nothing exciting happened today. Got to see my little man T for a while. So that was nice, I got way too many phone calls this morning before I was ready to be awake. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. I have a doc appt., getting the new tables delivered, gym, and work.

Monday, March 9

When it rains, it pours

What about me just screams "UNDATEABLE" So me and the guy aren't talking anymore. I knew the chemistry wasn't there so I had to buck up and have the uncomfortable conversation. It happened over the phone, so I'm still kind of a wimp. We went to see Watchmen, and the entire time I kept thinking of ways to bring it up on the ride home. I made sure to drive back to my apartment. He didn't come back up to my apt, I just let him out at his car. Then when he didn't even kiss me when leaving the car, I just drove off. A few minutes later I called, and everything I planned on saying got thrown out the window, and his answering the phone with, "hey". Was met by me saying, "Do you even want to be with me?" in a very pissed off voice.

So, all that jazz happened. Not going to go into specifics, but both of us still want to be friends. We'll see if that actually happens. I honestly wouldn't mind being just friends because he is still awesome to hang out with, and since the chemistry was never there in the first place it should be easy. It'll basically be the same thing we have now, except for that un-talked about pressure. Which we both agreed that it was there. We're driving to Ikea next weekend.

The only parts of the conversation that I found to a little weary. At one point he said something about still seeing me because I don't know anybody here. If you take away that lovely sugar coating, he was saying that I was a "pity-friend/romance/fuck". This brings me to another lovely point, why do people always want to be just friends with me. I get it, you don't find me attractive. If that's the case, in which it generally is, just say, "hey, this isn't really working for me, and I just don't want to see you anymore". Or even better yet, don't start seeing me in the first place.

I'm not sad about him, mostly because I'm the one who initiated it. I'm just upset that this situation in general always happens to me.

Sunday, March 8

Bad Day

Everybody has their good days and bad days. Today, for me, was a bad day. All the things that I normally push out of my head just flooded me today. Basically I just really miss my friends, and family. I don't have anybody to hang out with except the guy. That's another thing right there.

I get the very distinct feeling that he isn't attracted to me, and is therefore distancing himself from me. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm not. He is just so damn hard to read. I wish that if this were the case he would just be upfront with me. I honestly do like him. I just don't think he likes me. I would rather be alone, then be with somebody who is just being with me to pass time.

I know that being in Louisville will ultimately be better for me, but right now its hard.

Saturday, March 7

I need a pick me up!!! So tired

Hooray for Saturday!!! Not really, I have to work late. I really detest my job, but I go in, and do what is required of me. I woke up at 8:45 this morning. Only a little over 6 hours sleep for me. I felt fine. For breakfast I made:

2 egg whites on Ezekiel Sesame bread with hot sauce. Then good old Emergen-C. Which I need to buy more of.

Off to the gym I went. I was on the cross-trainer for half an hour and noticed a whole bunch of people holding yoga mats filtering in. I checked the schedule and sure enough, I had enough time to go to my car, grab my mat and do my lovely hour long yoga. It still wasn't good yoga.

I really miss my old studio in Fayetteville. Om Yoga Studio was good. Katherine was my favorite teacher. I still need to make time to go do Bikrams. I'm already sure that I'll hate/love it. You know you absolutely just want to pack your stuff and leave in the middle of class, but you persevere and then at the end you're glad you stayed because you feel awesome. At least I get those feelings.

Came home did a bit of cleaning around the house. Then made this for lunch:

Clockwise from top: Spinach, spicy Kimchi, and Hummus.

My brother came and got his huge TV that I kept in my living room, and replaced it with a smaller 32 inch. The other was so much nicer, at least this one is a flat screen as well. Also, since it's smaller I could move the furniture around. I like this layout better. This is the one I'd wanted to do before, but couldn't due to the huge TV. Again, I'll post pics once the new tables arrive.

Time to get ready for work. BLAHHH!!! I really wish the guy would come visit me once in a while. That would be nice, doubt it though.

Busy Busy Bee

The doctor went fine. Got the prescription I needed to get refilled. This doctor was new and he passed the test with me. He did not cut me off, which I hate when they do that. We talked for a while, and he didn't try to rush me out of there, so that made me happy. He also got my referral to see an Orthopedic doctor because of my injury in the Army. Which I still hurt from, and it makes me sad that I can't even run. Which I did do the other day, and I've been in pain since then, and its been at least a week. So maybe this doctor will be able to help me, or least tell me if my bones have seen any progress in healing.

Before the doctor I went and had lunch with Paul (my brother, in case I haven't mentioned his name yet) at Texas Roadhouse. I had no clue TR was open for lunch, I think they just changed their hours. I did not eat a single roll, drank water and ate all vegetarian.

I didn't even touch the green beans. I was too full, there was also a Cesar salad.

After the doc I shot over on to Walgreens and dropped off the prescription. I had a lot of extra time before work so I figured I could go to the gym. I did the elliptical for an hour, then headed home and got ready for work. I got there right on time. I ate one of these bad boys on the way to work:

I was smart enough to take the picture before I was in the car. I've also stopped most of my texting in the car too. I only do it at stop lights now.

Work was a drag. I did get the chance to catch up on some very interesting news articles. I can already say that I'm pleased with Obama. He went ahead and lifted the ban that Bush's administration had placed on publicly funded stem-cell research. He also reversed a lot of Bush's policies and plans for our environment. Obama is doing a great job in my book.

Now I'm home, in my awesome SV swim team sweats. I am now using my strongest will-power not to eat late at night. Doing this especially in the last month has really stopped my weight loss progress. Its just I work so late, and after working anywhere between 5-9 hours I want to come home and eat. What I make is normally not the best for me, or too much of what is good for me. So tomorrow I'm going to plan a menu for the week, that way I can pre-make some of the food to just reheat later. This will also reduce the amount of stuff that I throw away. I don't know why I didn't think to do this earlier. At least its getting done now.

I want to get up early tomorrow and get a work out in before me and the guy go antiquing. I like that he lets me drag him to these places. If I made enough from tonight I would like to find a really cool old metal sign.

Friday, March 6

Doctor Appointment Today

I just woke up a little bit ago. I hate having a job where I work so late. This was my dinner last night, and it was about midnight when I had it.

Spinach fettuccine with an awesome Puttanesca. It was very good, I would of much rather had it at a decent hour. I will be starting my new job soon hopefully. I will give more details soon.

Sleep came easy last night. I swear I had the oddest dream. In the dream I was a lesbian in the process of breaking up with my girlfriend. Then somehow being at the Zoo came into the picture. I can assure you that I'm not a lesbian. That is one thing I am sure of.

Here was the Breakfast for today.

That is oat bran, almond butter, and granola. Still a little blah. Also, the Emergen-C that is only sort of working.

I am now about to head to gym for about an hour then come home and get ready for the doctor.

Thursday, March 5

Cabo Wabo

There is some S&M party going on at my work tonight. It is being sponsored by Cabo Wabo tequila. Thank goodness employees don't have to dress up. We just get a really cute pink shirt to wear that they supplied. Once it gets started I'll get camera happy.

Went to the dentist today. My teeth are in perfect health. I have a doc appt tomorrow. So we shall see how the rest of me is holding up. So far my efforts on combatting the sickness seem useless. It is slowly getting the better of me. I will not surrender and let the germs prevail. I shall be victorious. I sound like braveheart haha.

I really want to make it to Bikrams tomorrow. Not sure since I'll be here till about 3. Then the doc appt before work. It's also pretty expensive. They have a "first week" for $25. Where as a single class is $15. So I'll do that. I just want to make sure I'll have time the whole week. So I can get my moneys worth. That's all for now. I should update with pics later.

UPDATER: This S&M party was not advertised very well, or at all for that matter. So there were no people ready to party like that at all. There was even a Pure Romance sales rep that had a booth set up. I felt bad for the girl, nobody bought anything from her. Supposedly its going to happen every Thursday night for the next couple of weeks. Who knows, maybe I'll buy something.

Wednesday, March 4

Project Desk: 101

Happy Hump Day!!! Oh, if that were true. Today was full of adventures for me, and pictures for you.

My day started off with a bowl of yogurt with grapes, granola, and goji mix-ins.

I worked on the desk. Then when the assembly portion was over I went to a few stores to get accessories for it. Stopped by Calistoga first and got the yummiest sandwich ever.

At Home Depot I returned a few things that I ended up not using on the desk project. I also bought two small plants. I will now be conducting an experiment to see how long it takes to kill them.

Then Big Lots, this store was not on the planned agenda but I saw it and swooped in. I am so glad I did, I bought an awesome rug for my living room. I will post pictures just as soon as the new tables arrive. Also some little decoration thingy for the table. Then for the piece de le resistance Home Goods. This is where I picked up an awesome lamp. I almost bought a similar one at Big Lots for $30 MORE. Haha, glad I didn't. A good pillow, picture frame, and chair. I also got some knick knacks for my kitchen. All in all the Home Goods store cost me $135. I didn't want a typical computer chair. I wanted some a bit more contemporary, and sleek.

So here it is

I have to admit that I am pretty darn proud of myself. It took forever. I went up to my work just have dinner with my bro. I get half off. Got a super yummy salad.

You can see my brothers greasy food on the left. My salad was spinach based, with a pinot noir shallot vinegairette. Topped with dried cranberries, walnuts, roasted corn, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, feta, and apple slices. All in all "pure heaven".

I did not make it home in time for my Bikrams yoga, its all good and well though. My arms and legs are pretty sore from yesterdays workout. I'm going to relax now and watch some lovely T.V.

Tuesday, March 3

Fluffy Yoga pt. deux

I felt like I'd been run over by a truck when I woke up this morning. That feeling eventually dissipated. I got a decent amount accomplished. I started off with a yummy 3 egg, spinach, asparagus, omelet that I wrapped in an Ezekiel tortilla. Topped with sour cream and hot sauce.

Then it was onto the mundane tasks that I've been putting off forever. For instance organizing all my files and putting them in a central location....a filing cabinet. Also, I put a second coat of stain on the soon to be built desk. It's starting to come along nicely. I'm excited for when it will be finished.

I went to Whole Foods for dinner. Got some super yummy food. Vegan sweet & sour "chicken", brown basami rice, some veggies, and temph. The temph was a bit odd but I ended up liking it.

After this it was time for the gym. I went to the yoga class. It was better than the last time I able to attend it at the gym. Still, I am completely unimpressed with it. They only have classes twice a week. Tues, and Thurs. This is the first Tuesday I've had off since I started, and I always work Thursdays too. I decided to check out a studio close by. They have a few different style bikrams, vinyasa, yin yoga, and a yoga core class. All of them are done in a hot room like traditional bikrams. I'm going to try it.

Its been exactly 14 days since I've quit smoking. I still haven't noticed the taste or smell difference. I can breathe better. I still want to eat all the time. I go for gum quite a bit still. I was in the car with my brother and he was smoking, all I wanted to do was just smoke one. I know that I would be back to my old habits if I even took one hit. So I abstained. I'm proud of myself for it. Its still going to be a long battle.

Now I'm just hanging out at the apt watching Boondock Saints. Gonna try to do one more load of laundry and go to sleep.

Monday, March 2

Bad Me

I am very ashamed of myself today. No good eats at all. Today had to been the unhealthiest day I've had all year. The only semi-decent thing I had was the half sized salmon, rice, and sweet potato I had at Logans for lunch with Paul. Which was the first thing I had. Then the second item I had was Ezekiel 4.9 Cinnamon Raisin cereal. It reminded me of Grape Nuts. I did like it though. All else was bad. No gym as well, so ashamed.

I started building a custom desk for a very odd space in my apartment. I'm taking pictures of the process, so when it is accomplished I will post a slide-show. Then I brought the guy some some medicine, Emergen-C, and soup. I hope he feels better, and also that he doesn't make me sick.

Since I've completely destroyed my body today, I'm definitely hitting the gym tomorrow. Which reminds me that I need to update my iPhone. Do the second coat of stain on the wood. Then laundry.

Sunday, March 1

Heavenly faux chicken

I did not mind work today. Actually woke up before the alarm went off. I got off at 4, like I was scheduled. I was worried they were going to keep me there all day, like they normally do.

I went shopping. Yes, me actually went shopping. Not on groceries, or household needs either. I bought 6, shirts. It was a good sale day at NY & Company, I also had a coupon. i just grabbed my receipt out of my purse, to see exactly how much I saved. My total would have been $176. 69, but I ended up only spending $111.57. So I'm happy that I finally got some new clothes, 1 work shirt included.

Then I went to Whole Foods. Bought some goodies. I have realized something. Every time I screw up food it is always meat. So, although not a complete vegetarian, everything that I bought was vegetarian, or vegan.

The only thing I'd eaten all day was a Clif bar. So I decided to go to the hot bar at WH. I got this yummy food. It was General Tsau's "chicken". Only it was fake chicken. Honestly, it tasted better than any other Chinese chicken I've ever had, the meatball was fake too. There were roasted veggies, rice and a veggie eggroll as well. Perfectly filling, it seems like a lot, but they were all in small portions. It was heaven, truly.

Now I'm at home, and actually getting to relax. I have plans on doing the exact same thing all of tomorrow. Except that I'll be going to gym.

Today was kind of a sad day for me too. I think that one of the reasons I haven't been shopping is because I have nobody to do it with. This was something I normally would do with Ashley, or Larissa if Izzy would allow it. I hope that my stuff looks good, since I had no feedback.

I need to put up my groceries now.

Fizzy sickness

How the hell do you screw up a pot roast cooked in a crock pot. well I managed to do it. It was a bit dry, and I should have added more spices. We still ate it though.

Work sucked tonight. I went in at 4, and the other host was scheduled for 7. Well, 10 minutes before her shift she called out. I let the managers know how pissed I was. When I wouldn't be able to make it to work I would let them know a few days ahead, at least much earlier in the day. She just had no plan on showing up. We were busy, and I got my butt kicked, but I handled it well, and didn't get frazzled. So since I was the only one there my tip share should be decent. My boss wouldn't let go until after 1. TOTAL bullshit. I'd already been there since 4, I also have to be there at noon tomorrow. Not happy that next weekend I am the only host who has to work both Fri and Sat.

I am getting sick. My right adenoid is swollen and hurts. I don't know why they just didn't take them out when they took out my tonsils in '07. So I took my immune boosting supplements. It reminds me of Tang, ugghhh.

The other night was fun. We both got drunk. I hadn't been drunk in so long. Good times. I tried to get a pic of him, but he blocked his face with his camera. Camera war, haha.

Earlier I got to catch up on the latest 3 episodes of Burn Notice, so that was nice. I really love that show. Its my second favorite, Entourage is first. It's bed time now.