Wednesday, March 18

St. Pattys


Not really, but thought it was hilarious. My St. Pattys day sucked, I had to work. Next year, I want to be the person having fun, not cleaning up after them. I gotta go get labs done at the doc now. Work at 5. So I will have time for a GOOD workout.

This was my on the go breakfast:

Raw Organic Chocolate Coconut bar. It was awesome, and cheaper than Larabars. This was a bit more satisfying than the other as well.

My doctor visit took all of 10 minutes. Checked in, they took some blood samples, and I left.

My gym workout was pretty darn good. I only did 20 minutes on the crosstrainer. My legs were hurting so I quit, and did some stretches. Then it was on to abs.

100 sit-ups,
2 sets of 50 crunches,
2 sets of 50 raised leg crunches
3 sets of 25 side bends w/ 10 Lb weights, ON EACH SIDE
2 sets 25 X-files
2 sets of 50 bicycles

I came home and was needing some protein for lunch: Tuna with 2 tsp Veganaise, relish, arugala, and tomato on an Ezekiel bun.

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