Saturday, March 7

Busy Busy Bee

The doctor went fine. Got the prescription I needed to get refilled. This doctor was new and he passed the test with me. He did not cut me off, which I hate when they do that. We talked for a while, and he didn't try to rush me out of there, so that made me happy. He also got my referral to see an Orthopedic doctor because of my injury in the Army. Which I still hurt from, and it makes me sad that I can't even run. Which I did do the other day, and I've been in pain since then, and its been at least a week. So maybe this doctor will be able to help me, or least tell me if my bones have seen any progress in healing.

Before the doctor I went and had lunch with Paul (my brother, in case I haven't mentioned his name yet) at Texas Roadhouse. I had no clue TR was open for lunch, I think they just changed their hours. I did not eat a single roll, drank water and ate all vegetarian.

I didn't even touch the green beans. I was too full, there was also a Cesar salad.

After the doc I shot over on to Walgreens and dropped off the prescription. I had a lot of extra time before work so I figured I could go to the gym. I did the elliptical for an hour, then headed home and got ready for work. I got there right on time. I ate one of these bad boys on the way to work:

I was smart enough to take the picture before I was in the car. I've also stopped most of my texting in the car too. I only do it at stop lights now.

Work was a drag. I did get the chance to catch up on some very interesting news articles. I can already say that I'm pleased with Obama. He went ahead and lifted the ban that Bush's administration had placed on publicly funded stem-cell research. He also reversed a lot of Bush's policies and plans for our environment. Obama is doing a great job in my book.

Now I'm home, in my awesome SV swim team sweats. I am now using my strongest will-power not to eat late at night. Doing this especially in the last month has really stopped my weight loss progress. Its just I work so late, and after working anywhere between 5-9 hours I want to come home and eat. What I make is normally not the best for me, or too much of what is good for me. So tomorrow I'm going to plan a menu for the week, that way I can pre-make some of the food to just reheat later. This will also reduce the amount of stuff that I throw away. I don't know why I didn't think to do this earlier. At least its getting done now.

I want to get up early tomorrow and get a work out in before me and the guy go antiquing. I like that he lets me drag him to these places. If I made enough from tonight I would like to find a really cool old metal sign.

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