Friday, May 22

Err!!! Laundry Day

Good morning all! I've been up for an hour now, pretty good since I didn't go to bed till 4. I was just hanging out with coworkers and regulars up at my job after I got off last night till 2:30, and just couldn't wind down for a while afterwards. I had some of the most vivid dreams, they weren't bad but when I woke up I thought I was financially broke.

B-fast this morning, 1 egg, 2 egg white omelet with tomatoes, onions, and feta, topped with yummy hot sauce and pepper. I barely ate half. Grapes, that I didn't even touch, and some Emergen-C,

I've been feeling the sickness coming on for a few days now. That was the last of it. Gotta buy some more today. I also need to do laundry, and find a new laundry mat. I found a really nice one, where they don't have any gross people that always hit on you close to my house. Then I realized why, they charge $2.50 just to wash the clothes...I'll take being hit on by some gross guys to wash my laundry for 75 cents. I must be going, and I'll try to comment on blogs later on, I hope to have a bit of free time.

Wednesday, May 20


Good morning all. I've already been up since about 9:30. Thats pretty late, but I didnt get to bed till around 5 a.m. Damn job, kept me there till 3:30 a.m. Believe me, I am looking for a better job. I am still so intrigued by that website I found yesterday on the blood-typing. You can see it HERE. My plans today are nothing too exciting. I need to do some dishes and light cleaning, (dusting).

Not going to the gym has been killing me. So, I've decided to make it more routine to work out in the apt. I have a stability ball, and some weights. There is plenty I can do that won't affect my foot.

Bfast this morning was a bowl of oat bran with granola, almond butter and a few raisins.

I only used 1/3 of a cup dry oat bran, and all my mixins were about teaspoon each. I could barely finish half of it. My appetite lately is almost non-existant. I'm not really complaining, I am just making sure that I am getting enough nutrients to keep me going.

I've been in a very "Rocky" mood lately. So I went to video store and rented Rocky II, and Rocky III. I obviously own the first one. On my next day off I'll be getting the last 3. I also rented the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I had never seen it before, and figured it was high time I did so. I had to fast forward through most of the singing, it gave me a headache. I'm not one much for musicals.

Time to get my day started, I hope y'alls is good too.


A friend of mine found THIS website. It talks about how your body is able to digest food base on your blood type. I am A+, in summary it says that out of all 4 blood types mine is most suited for vegetarianism, then goes into the biochemical skematics of it all. The website also mentions that calming, centering workouts are more beneficial to my body than hard vigorous ones. Reading this rang so true for me. I've seen the biggest, most beneficial changes to my body and overall health since becoming a vegetarian/pescatarian, and yoga has always been my FAVORITE form of exercise, where again I notice the changes so much sooner than with other things. I hope that everybody checks THIS site out.

Anyways, its 4:30 a.m. I just got off work an hour ago. I'm exhausted, but really wanted to share this with everybody. I'll do a real post in the morning

Wednesday, May 13

Back in Action

Hi all!!! I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for the obnoxiously long lack of blogging. Generally the only reason I get online is to blog, see what my friends are up to, and occasionally google something. I was too busy actually being with the friends to blog, so I figured my camera deserves a break.

My last post basically talked about the Kentucky Derby. It was a complete blast.

Last Tuesday, my first real day out of surgery I ended up going to a concert about 1 1/2 hours away to see Soulcrate and Mac Lethal (for the second time). They are very underground white hip hop artists. Their music is very unconventional but I love it.

That is Soulcrate

My friend Larissa whom I went up there with and Mac. The pic of me and him was ridiculously blurry (sad).

He actually remembered us from the last time he played in NC, but we didn't get to chill with him this time. He's got a new song out called Undertow which you can find right here. Once u get past the first minute, it gets really fun to dance to.

Nothing too exciting happened while I was home. My foot actually started hurting a bit yesterday. I had my flight back home today, because my follow-up with the ortho doc was today. I was really hoping they would finally take the pin out of my foot. No dice, all they did was look at it. If I'd known that, I would have had them push it back a week, and I would have spent another week back home. I hate to say it, but I miss home A LOT. I just know that I can't move back there. I get too lazy, too comfortable in my routine of pretty much having a paycheck to paycheck job. That is not what I want out of life. There is just so much more for me here, and I need to keep reminding myself of this.

Oh and here is a pic of my broken self

I'm not going to lie, I was not the healthiest eater in the world while I was home. I did manage not to snack though. I am very proud to say that I only gained 1 Lb while on my trip, and considering I usually put on 10 Lbs. I live this super healthy life-style here in Louisville and lose weight, just to gain it back there, then have to lose it again. Its a horrible cycle. I am hoping that I finally broke it.

I can't put absolutely any excess weight or pressure on my foot. Walking for any more than a few steps kind of sucks, not because its painful, but I'm just super slow.

I went up to the Home Goods store, and I was really needing a new quilt (bedspread) because my down comforter is entirely to hot right now. I found this awesome organic cotton one, with matching pillows too. Lots of light blue and green. I love it

Now I'm back here finally, laying on top of my own bed, and its pretty nice. I need to go to Whole Foods, almost my entire stock of veggies went bad while I was gone.

I was super hungry for my dinner,there was nothing that I could have really made besides spinach fett, and vodka sauce.

It was nothing special, but I figured I should at least include 1 food pic.

Tuesday, May 5

At Last

Hi everybody. I've had an awesome past couple of days. My parents came up to Louisville, and we all went to the Kentucky Derby. It rocked, my mom and I both wore a big hat.

It was an absolute blast. I lost $30 on betting. My mom actually bet on the biggest longshot, Mine That Bird; number 8, and actually won some decent money. That horse had the worst odds 50-1 out of the entire derby. My mom was so happy. If I'd known that Borel was its jockey I would have bet him too. Borel rode the horse that won in '07, and 3rd in '08. Its all good though.

Sunday was spent showing my parents some cool stuff in Louisville, and we actually went on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail a little bit. We stopped at Heaven Hill Distillery and got a tour.

We all learned some really neat things about Bourbon. For instance it can only be called Bourbon if its made in Kentucky, otherwise its just Whiskey. That is a small pic of one of the warehouses. Each warehouse holds 20,000 barrels. Each at 500 Lbs. There are 49 warehouses. Heaven Hill produces Evan Williams, along with Americas oldsest Bourbon Elijah Craig. We were going to visit the Makers Mark and Jim Beam distillery too, but we were running short on time.

Then at the end of the tour they take you to get two free shots. One was an Evan Williams 12 year, and the other was an Elijah Craig 18 year.

It was a very nice trip, and I was so glad my parents really liked Louisville, and they are very proud of me, for moving away and trying to do something with my life.

Yesterday was my foot surgery, and then we drove back to NC. My foot doesn't even hurt. They gave me some percocets. I don't like taking them, I hate the feeling of being on drugs. I'm going to go up to Kohls in a little bit with my friend Ashley to buy a pair of shorts. Then we are just going to lounge around and hang out. I'm glad to finally see my friends and family again. I can only stay till the 12th. I have to be back in Louisville on the 13th to see my orthopedic doctor again.

I'll update again soon. Promise this time!!!