Saturday, January 31


My blog post was originally going to be titled "Happy as a clam" that has all changed in the past 20 minutes. My retarded router decided to unlock itself so now everybody in the immediate area that does not have their own router is using mine and slowing me down. I cant work on it due to the fact that my brothers comp has a password.

I feel sickness coming on so I'm drinking Yogis Tea, green tea and triple echinacea. I was hungry, all I had eaten today was a Clif bar (no pic, sorry), and half a chicken sandwich that Paul gave me. So I whipped up some tuna (herb and garlic flavored, yummy), veganaise, cherry tomatoes, and relish. Stuffed it inside a pita. I ended up only eating half. The tea was a bit blah, but I'd rather drink that than endure more sickness.

Before all that happened though I went ahead and messaged Daphne, the only thing my message said were "??????". the response was "i just wanted to see how you were" I went ahead and sent a response back. I thought to myself, "maybe she is willing to leave the past where should be, behind us. Then I dealt with the internet bs. Tried to log in again, and I was told that my account had been temporarily locked due to multiple failed breaking and entering attempts. I am not one to jump to conclusions, or make assumptions. But come on, that is a little bit too obvious.

Back the original point of this blog. I finally got my registration and plates taken care of. It cost me an arm and a leg, but it is done. So I will continue to be legal. I was a total badass tonight and played Bingo with my brother. HAHA. Its actually kinda fun. Wished I could have won some money, I need it right now with that car shit, I'm broke. I also payed all my bills today.

I did my taxes online, I am supposed to be getting about $1,500 back. So that is exciting. I'll be able to use half and pay off my credit cards. The rest I'm pretty sure that I will "attempt" to save, or get some stuff fixed on my car. The immediate stuff, like the fact that my passenger door handle is broken, and my sunroofs seal needs replacing.

I checked my AT&T bill online today. I almost puked when I saw it. $267!!!!! I was freaking out, because I didnt know what the Iphone was going to cost me monthly. Then as I was dry heaving and going through the bill I noticed that they billed a cancellation fee on my bill that was supposed to be my brothers, because he cancelled one of his lines. I guess when they were switching the phones out they did it by mistake. I told my brother, and the fee wasn't on his bill. So he gave me the $165 he owed me. I am very relieved to know that my bill is only $5 more a month for the iPhone than the Blackberry.

After the Bingo Extravaganza, I decided to go to Wal-Mart. Bought a few more veggies, so that way I can make my meals for the next few days. I refuse to buy my veggies in bulk. I buy only enough for about a week. I just got so sick of throwing away money. I got some other things like spices. I got this greek seasoning stuff that Claudia says makes tofu taste really good. So we shall see. New hummus, got my favorite Roasted Red Pepper, and decided to live on the wild side and try Spicy Three Pepper. Haha, Im suck a lame sometimes. I also finally got the Magic Bullet. (I'm talking about the blender, not the vibrator). I've been wanting one for so long, so I finally did it. I'm super excited about trying it tomorrow.

I really enjoy cooking, but honestly doing it for just myself almost everyday is kind of depressing. When you're cooking for somebody else you get their opinions and they tell you how awesome it is. Or on the rare occasion how they'd "rather eat rat poison". So I am trying not to view this as a sad thing. I will just use this time to develop my cooking skills even further. The one thing I am quite upset about. I bought lamb (expensive) a little while back ago, and I've been dying to make it. Got the recipe out of this cookbook. Super easy, and I just KNOW it will taste awesome. The thing is I am not going to cook my expensive lamb for just myself.

P.S. That bottle is not real, its a change jar. I'm not an alcoholic. Its only about half filled, but has $300 in it. I'm waiting till its all the way filled to use it. I want to use for something that I actually want. Not groceries, or house shit. Even though I really want a good vacuum. Mine is shit. Maybe a nice piece of art that makes me happy when I look at it. Something with lasting value (as my dad would say it)

Oh, I was very distraught to find out that Louisville is supposed to get another 6-8 inches of snow. Geez, my parking lot is still nothing but ice and slush. Not even all the main roads are clear. I wasnt made for this crap.

Oh yeah, even the the clouds are dark, ominous, and ever present right now. There was a small break in the clouds, and while driving home tonight, I saw a shooting star. You can bet your bottom dollar I wished on it.

Friday, January 30

Emotional Ramblings of the undead

I've got so much that I want to get off my chest. My day started off horribly. Managed to get up at 8. I was so surprised my nephew was still asleep. I put him to bed at 9 last night. So I spent the next HOUR digging my car out from underneath 8 inches of snow and half inch of ice. So got T in the car at 9:15 and then my car wouldn't reverse. So I spent another 20 minutes kicking the snow out from behind my tires. So that way my tires would stop spinning in place. The drive wasn't too bad. My neighborhoods roads were nothing but ice. After I got out it was fine.

I spent my day lounging around, not getting no sex. BOOO!!! I went to dinner with my bro and nephew. We went to Texas Roadhouse, I wasn't really hungry so I just got a side caesar, and sweet potato. Then I got conned into babysitting. I thought I was going to be miserable. I put on Diego, and we both fell asleep after about half an hour. I only got an hour nap out of it, tucked T into bed. Left, got gas and caught the last 20 minutes of Save the Last Dance.

You know what creeps me out. Those Turbo Tax commercials with the dead presidents, and Ben Franklin.

So I got a friend request this evening from my ex-roommate/ ex-friend, Daphne. I'm not entirely sure why our friendship ended. I'll be the first one to admit that I am not good with roommates. I like things my way, and am not too great at compromising. There were other factors that I'm sure all factored into her just packing up and leaving one day. I just wish that we could of talked through our issues. The thing is, I really cared about that friendship. We were great friends, there for one another, and up until that day she moved out.

This brought me to thoughts of other friends, or better yet, or lack there of. My best friend in the world is Ashley. I highly doubt that will ever change. I wish we could talk more though, sometimes. I've lost a few friends recently. I don't understand how those ended either. I guess with one, Kelly, we just kind of grew apart. Our lives moved in different directions. The thing is, I still made an effort. The other, Larissa, everything was great. Hanging out all the time. Though every time I leave the area I guess my phone number is magically erased from her mind, and I guess when I call, my ringtone is set to silent. I am a good friend. I am always there for my friends when needed, or just wanted.

I would just really appreciate to have some of my friends back in my life. That would be nice.

Wednesday, January 21

Peek-A-Boo friends

This is a message to all of you. That is right. This is to every single one of my friends. I like to think I am a pretty good fucking friend. If you need a ride, whether it be to your boyfriends house, work, or just so YOU can go shopping I am there. I'm willing to drive 20 miles just to hang out. If you need me to babysit so you can go out 5 times a week, sure. No problem. But when it comes to hanging out with me, you're too tired. You also don't know how to pick up a fucking phone. I am not happy with absolutely any of you.

Tuesday, January 20

3 days

It feels like forever since I have blogged. But wow. only 3 days my goodness.

So I have been sick for almost a week. The week before I was also starting to feel pain again in where my legs were broken. I know that I should be taking it pretty easy, I just don't want to. This past week of rest has definitely helped.

No pain what-so-ever today. Did an hour on my cross-trainer. 10 minutes of stretching, and worked my stomach for 25 minutes. Like I said before, I have a while before I even get the right to call them abs. Then lunges (ahhhh!!!), and squats on the bosu balance ball thing. I can already tell that I am going to be sore as hell tomorrow, hell I already am.

So Barack Obama is finally my new president. I really am hoping that a lot of things will finally change in America. Here is to hoping.

I've got an interview for my temp job tomorrow. I hope it goes well, and I get some more money rolling in for the next 2 months, until my "real" job starts. I also need to hurry up and finish my application for the local University. I'm just worried about the essay portion, I really suck at writing how I feel. This blog probably seems ironic then. The difference is that on here I don't have to censor myself, and I get to write about whatever pops into my head. That is all for now.

Now I have to shower, then go pick up my nephew from day care.

Saturday, January 17

Sleepy Days

So yes, I am still loving my phone. I swear I am treating it like a newborn. I made sure to get a good case, and screen protector for it. I always fuck my screens, so that was a smart investment. I feel like shit. I was so sore on Wednesday, I did an hour on the cross-trainer and did 30 minutes of laps in the pool. I just wanted to let my body recover, then Thursday and Friday I have been sick and feel horrible. I blame it on leaving the gym with a wet head. My mom would have killed me. I don't care how horrible I feel tomorrow, technically it will still be Saturday, just after I wake up, I am going to the gym. Also I've eaten like crap these past two days too. Both days I had not 1, but 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, and other junk that is just not considered good for the body.

Next to the grilled cheese are 4 Tostitos Scoops with a homemade pico de giyo (sp) invloving tomatoes, onions, parsley, black beans, and corn, and the necessary seasonings)

Today at least I accomplished some stuff. I made it to the post office to mail my dad some documents involving the title of my car. We thought we had already accomplished everything involving that when I was still visiting there, but guess not. I went and put in a few applications, and some places the jobs had already had been filled. So that sucked. I was going to open a new checking account since they don't have any Wachovia's around here. Then changed my mind. I'm just going to wait until I actually get a job. I went and paid part of my bill for my whole house full of furniture that I bought. Then I had to babysit my nephew. Like I don't do that enough.

I spent about 3 hours yesterday applying for jobs, from one of those local sites. I hope I get something soon. I just need money. I already was accepted for a job here. The only thing is, the job doesn't start till late March or early April. I just want some crappy job that will get me by until then. The only places I refuse to apply at are gas stations, and strip clubs (obviously...I'm not hot). I am even applying at restaurants. I always told myself I would never waitress again. I freaking hate it so much. You bust your ass, just for some dipshit to leave the change out of his dollar for a tip.

My brother is one of the worst tippers I have ever met. Whenever we go out I always stash a few extra dollars under a plate or something. I always bitch at him, because I obviously was a waitress, and I struggled, and I mean struggled bad. There were points when business was slow that I would have trouble paying rent. I had to sell stuff at pawn shops. I'd buy a loaf of bread,a pound of salami, and one of cheese. and that would be my lunch and dinner for a week. Later I got smart, and just started dropping by at my moms house. So back to the point, when he doesnt tip, it personally offends me. The worst part of it, was that I worked at one of the best restaurants in town.

That is all for now.

Wednesday, January 14


I just got the iphone and I am super excited. Also I craved something completely horrible for my body. I had a doughnut. It was delicious but I feel horrible. I am super exhausted today. I finally went and got my new license it looks pretty good. So I am happy. Didn't get to do all the stuff involving getting my car registered in this state


My brother is off so he finally gets to take care of him on a weekday. I have the possibility of catching up on all my tasks. But, guess what, da da danuh......IM SICK

Tuesday, January 13

Reporter Goes Ghetto

This reminds me of Oli Williams from Family Guy, and the Blacku-Weather Forecast

It Tuesday, not Wednesday

I confronted that guy yesterday, and I am summarizing what he said, but it boiled down to, "I dont see you like that, but I would still like to be friends". I really wanted to tell him to go fuck himself instead I took the high road and went with "I just can't be friends with you now, because I actually did like you". In all reality that is the truth. I am not good at remaining friends with guys I have dated or liked. I have two guy friends that have come from either of those situations. The rest I would never like to talk to again.

I really do hope that one day he will see he fucked up. That is highly unlikely though. I got to talk to my Ashley last night, and we talked through it. Also, I'm just happy to get an answer out of him. It wasn't really the one I wanted, but I am just glad that it happened. I am doing much much better today.

My morning started off pretty early. I had my very annoying alarm set for 8, and boy did it wake me up. Damn thing almost gives me a heart attack every time I hear it. Got up, did 1o minutes of stretching. My nephew didn't wake up till 8:30. So I immediately got him ready and then we headed to the gym.

I got very confused when I was at the gym. Got the schedule mixed up by thinking that today was Wednesday, not Tuesday. So I didnt get to attend the class I wanted. It is all good though, I am going to yoga tonight.

Came home, made some eggs for both me and little man. He got sausage as well, I had one bite, didnt like and gave it back. I was still craving something. So I grabbed me a small banana with apple butter.

Did a whole bunch more cleaning. I have come to realize that I clean up more after my older brother than I do my nephew. My little man is finally starting day care on Thursday. So I will finally be able to do all the errands that are just to inconvenient to do when I have him with me. As well as looking for a short-term job till I can my start my good one in March.

I have always sucked about taking my vitamins regularly, so I finally started taking my vita-packs from GNC. Every single one of those pills were ginormous. Also, I've already managed to get down about 60 oz of water today.

4 o'clock rolled around and I was hungry again. So instead of munching on my nephews Goldfish, i went ahead and julienned a small squash, added 3 asparagus spears, half can of chick peas, added 3 oz of tomato paste with oregano, thyme, salt, pepper,and paprika. Bake for 20 minutes. Topped off with parmesan.

Monday, January 12

Saving the Planet

I am doing my darn best to keep busy. I had a late start today, my nephew slept till 11, so I did as well. I ate a medium banana with apple butter. I got use my new eco-friendly laundry detergent. It smells super good. I got it from Whole Foods, I am really falling in love with that store. I really enjoy the fact that I am doing something good for my body, and the environment. I feel healthier, and it makes me want to keep on going. That has always been the number one motivator for me, results.

I couldn't get to the gym in the early afternoon because the kids care section closes at noon and doesn't reopen till till 5. So I just did a mini yoga session in my room. Just a few downward facings dogs, cobras, planks, chatarungas (sp), and goddesses. Followed up with a round of stretching and a Clif bar.

It was Apricot, and oh so yummy.

At around 7:30 after my brother got home I was able to go to the gym without having to lug my nephew with me. I did 45 minutes on the Cross-trainer, and 15 on the Stair-stepper. Its weird because as soon as I got out of the car my legs started aching from all the squats, and leg-lifts I did yesterday. After I was good and sweaty I stretched, then went and did my abs. They are still super sore from Sundays workout. I did 3 sets of 50 crunches on the 65cm exercise ball. 3, 1 minute bridges. Then 2 sets of this one where you lay down and pass the ball from your legs to your arms, almost touch the ground and then reverse. Did some obliques. I was aching so bad, so I stretched some more. Then I did 3 sets on my bi's and tri's a piece. I think I did 45Lbs for each one, not too sure. I felt the need for a little social interaction so I went and got an organic India Asam tea, from my favorite local fair trade coffee shop.

I was starving by the time I got home. I had made whole wheat linguine with a vodka sauce for lunch. My nephew ended up eating all of his, and polished off half of mine. I didnt mind. Anytime that I can actually get him to eat is a miracle. So after the gym I made a 3 oz packet of tuna, 1 tsp of vegainaise (like mayo, only egg-free and made with grape-seed oil), and some yummy relish. Anything pickle related is a weakness of mine.

It wasn't as pretty once it was all mixed together.

What perfect description of my life.

Sunday, January 11

stupid me

Yep, it happened again. Stood up by the same guy. To think I actually liked this guy. I shouldn't have to convince a guy to come see me (which I pathetically tried). If said guy liked me back then he should want to see me.

We'd made these plans ahead of time. I actually found an awesome recipe involving those lamb riblets (which werent cheap). I went to the Whole Foods store, sent him a message stating that I wanted to cook and for him to come over hungry around 8. I just really wanted to make tonight nice.

I really just don't get it. When we actually did go out together we had fun the whole time, and there weren't any of those awkward silences either. Then he tells me for over an hour he's not sure if he wants to come over. Obviously he never showed otherwise I wouldn't be writing this. WTF, I give up.

I hate this feeling I feel so stupid and embarrassed. I don't even have anybody to talk to about it. Shout out to all my friends who wont answer their phone.

Saturday, January 10



That was a chant we did at basic to get pumped up sometimes. Today I am the human example of motivated. Woke up made some cottage cheese with tangelos, and a half of a whole grain english muffin. Shortly after I went to the gym. Did an hour on the cross-trainer, ramp 10, resistance 10. It was all good, but my Ipod froze just 5 minutes into my workout. I was not deterred, and persevered. Then worked 30 minutes on my belly (one day to be abs) and another 30 on my chest, shoulders, and a bit of arms.

I finally made it down to the locally owned Amazing Grace foods store. I bought polenta, more hummus, and pumpkin butter. I went home and flipped throuh my Giada's Everyday Italian cookbook. Found one the way that she prepares polenta. It involved marinara. So instead I just lightly fried two pieces and grilled some eggplant. Oh, by the way, I almost caught my kitchen on fire.

It was super yummy.

Two hours later I was hungry again. My sandwich was about as big as a biscuit. So i made a good hearty SALAD, it involved baby leaf spinach, cherry tomatoes, portabello mushrooms, eggplant, and julienned red peppers. I grilled the last 3 on my awesome GF grill. I finished it off with a vidallia onion vinagrette. It was good, I think I will use a lighter dressing. This one was much to over-powering. I'm finishing up the salad right now, while typing this. Also I'm half watching the Golden Compass.

Later on tonight Paul and I are supposed to go out, possibly Phoenix Hill. We were supposed to go out but he had to wake up at 7. So instead we headed to Texas Roadhouse, where I drank 2 roadies. and got pretty buzzed. It involved tequila, triple sec, grand marnier, and cranberry. Very delicious. The food was followed by a trip the movie theater where I watched Gran Torino. That was possibly one of the best films I've seen in years.

Friday, January 9

How odd?

This was my horoscope today:

Getting clutter out of the way in your day-to-day life will help you clear the clutter out of your brain too, so put some energy into cleaning up around your house and getting things organized today. Not only will you find it terrifically satisfying, it's a task you can turn your mind off to do -- you can give your gray matter a rest while you give your home a facelift. You will feel proud of the work you've done and you'll feel ready to face life's next challenges.

I just checked it, and surprise surprise cleaning up and getting everything organized is what I did all day. Matter of fact it did help me clear my mind.

I am going to the gym around 8. I hate going at this time of day, way to crowded, and sometimes my machines are occupied with waiting lists behind them. Today has been a good day.

stupid subaru

As I was traveling back to the Ville tonight this one stupid red subaru wagon kept cutting me off. I know it was on purpose because they would speed up and get next to me, cut into my lane, and be literally 3 inches in front of my car. Then they would zoom back into the other lane. WTF. were they trying to get hit so they could sue me and buy themselves a better car?? grrr, i am mad.

Thursday, January 8


I am in Indiana right now. Got here yesterday, and staying here till tomorrow morning. Its a small town with pretty much nothing to do. My nephews mom lives here, so I let her have him for two days.

I hate the snow, and believe me its snowy up here. I live just 60 miles south, and it is cold, but not like this. I dont even own a windshield ice scraper. All I've done is sit around, EAT, and play poker on myspace. I feel like I should win an award for being Americas biggest sloth right now. Gotta drive back in to KY tomorrow, get an oil change and get ass back in the gym. Im craving going back to the gym, and eating yummy healthy food.

Personally I just want to kick my brother in the teeth right now. He has pissed me off so bad since I got back 5 days ago. He just better not be around me too much in the upcoming week.

Ex's. I am so sick of them at this point. I wish they all could be shipped off to some island so I never have to see or hear from them again. Dont call me up wanting to make small talk, I dont want that.

I am considering driving back home tonight. They have a cat where I'm staying at, and being allergic is not a good match. You know, I really do like living in Louisville, there are much better job opportunities, and a lot more to do. I just wish I had friends that I could go out with. Its really hard coming to a new city where everybody has their groups of friends. Plus I dont even know where to meet people. Going to places alone is pretty odd. I went out to a concert my first week here, and out one other time. The whole time I just stayed outside and smoked. Smoking outside by yourself is a lot less obvious than sitting alone at a table.

Wednesday, January 7


Backstabbing friends!

Nothing like that going on in real life. I just thought it was funny

Monday, January 5

Crazy Productive

I started my day off with a bang. Woke up, made a healthy breakfast. 1 cup cottage cheese, with a small tangelo, and a few blackberries. My nephew had a mini omelette and turkey sausage.

After that we headed to Urban Active and I dropped him off at the play area. I only had time to do an hour on the cross-trainer, and then a 25 minute ab workout. Had to rush to get Trendon before I got scolded at again for picking him up after 12. Got there at 11:57. On my way out the kids area. I mentioned having to walk over to the Whole Foods Market and pick up some hummus. Ended up getting in a discussion about healthy foods with a guy.

Found the best tasting hummus ever, Roasted Red Pepper. Holy shit. I even got my nephew to eat some. Lunch was a small helping of my yummy hummus along with sauteed mushrooms, and green beans. I finally went and bought my new George Foreman grill. As expensive as that thing was it better be friggin amazing.

Not entirely sure what I am making for dinner, I do know that I have to be back at the gym by 7 to do my Zumba class.

Sunday, January 4

My Body

I have never had a great body. The past year I've come to like it a lot more than I used to. January of 2008 I weighed 190 Lbs.....I know, right. I dropped down to 175 when I joined the military. After going through physical therapy, getting out of the Army, and moving to KY, I shrank again to 160 pounds.

Since I have moved to Louisville, I have worked my ass off in a gym 5 days a week. I just spent two weeks at home with my family, and even though I worked out some (not rigorously) I came back 8 Lbs heavier. So its back to the gym, and now Im just back-tracking to get to where I was when I left.

I am so much more aware of everything that goes into my body. I just spent $100 at the grocery store on nothing but fruits, vegetables, tofu, yogurt, and a toothbrush. Oh, yes I also bought this 8 pack of steaks, they are only 3-4 oz. a piece so they wont be too filling.

Most yummy snack EVER

The one and only thing I really wanted for christmas and didnt get was the George Foreman 360 degree grill. I think I am going to take my 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and splurge on it. In my opinion it is a smart investment.

I have finally gotten so sick of my skin that I am about to go see a dermatologist to get something stronger than what I am currently using. Which are BenzaClin, and Retin-A Micro. Its either that or start tanning again. I personally like the latter of the options. I miss being tan, its almost worth the risk of melanoma. Until the set apt date, I bought this.

Friday, January 2

'09 is MINE

It is only the first day of my new year.  Nothing exciting has happened yet.  My parents and I made up.  I didnt want to start if off on a sour note.  My hangover today hasnt been bad.  Normally the day after really heavy drinking the thought of food makes me sick.  That was not the case for today, I just couldnt stop eating.  I actually ate fast food.  In all of '08 i probably ate fast food 5 times the whole time. and it was always a taco.  Back to the original point.  I need to go back to the gym tomorrow, Ive taken the past 2 days off. 

I am babysitting right now, just happy the Boo (Isabella) is asleep.  I sure wish I was.