Tuesday, August 18


HI all, I'm trying to get back into the blogging. It just seems that I never have much to say about my uninteresting life. I've been keeping up with my work-outs. My back has been hurting pretty bad since my accident 2 weeks ago. Finally saw a doctor today, but I think she was a quack. So I'm going to go back to my orthopedist and see what he says. The one I saw today didn't even touch my back, and I didn't get a good vibe.

So I haven't been able to do my ab workouts, or pretty much anything but cardio. So it'll be a nice change of pace to start doing all the regular stuff.

I finally tried the Veggie Ribs my sister has been raving about. OMG, Claudia did not lie, they were absolutely delicious!!!!!

Haven't really eaten any exciting food in a while.

I got into a car accident on my birthday. It was right after dropping my sister off from seeing the movie The Proposal. Some guy didn't yield to oncoming traffic, incidentally I was the oncoming traffic, and he t-boned me on my side. My car was totaled. My little 98 Eclipse, I miss her so much. I now have a 08 Focus. Its got really low miles, and all the good features like; Sync, 6 disc changer, bluetooth. SO its the "top of the line" one. Its still a Focus though. It doesn't get a name. Getting attached to a car is very emotional. My Eclipse's name was Lucy, and we had 3 1/2 beautiful years together.

I had just gotten her a beautiful dark Cherry Red paint job about a month before the accident.

This is right after the accident. It doesn't THAT bad, but her B Pillar was bent and everything in the door was screwed up, and the glass shattered (all over me).

My dad drove me back to Louisville in his car since my accident happened in NC. I took him to my favorite Indian restaurant, Kashmir. He said it was okay. Then again, he had gourmet food, made by Indians for almost 3 1/2 years.

I'm also back down to my pre-N.C. weight. I always gain weight while I'm down there. I still ate decently healthy, but I just wasn't in my routine, and after the accident I had to stay in NC for 4 extra days, and didn't get to work-out. So now, I just need to finish losing the rest of my excess. I'm hoping it to be gone by early October. Just in time to cover up my body with large sweaters, haha.

I also quit one of my jobs the other day. It's all good. I've got an interview at somewhere other than a restaurant next Wednesday. So lets hope this pans out well for me.