Thursday, March 26

Pics Galore

I have decided to get a second job, since the good one isn't starting as soon as I had hoped. I finally found an apartment I liked, and put in an application. I'm going to look at another nice one tomorrow just in case I don't get this one. I'll start with yesterdays' eats. Today was pretty eventful, but we'll get to that in just a few.

For a snack I had a So Delicious Coconut Milk yogurt, which I added granola to. Lunch consisted of a yummy sandwich with Smart Deli Ham flavored tofu, jalepeno havarti, arugula, spicy mustard, and tomato, on an Ezekiel bun.

Dinner was a soup that was completely vegan, 100 calories, and pretty darn good

Today I started out with an apple and small banana smothered in almond butter

I finally got my dinette, coffee, and end tables removed. Yeah!!! I had to go over to a friends because his trucks battery died, so I helped out with that. In return I dragged him to look at apartments with me, and go to the bookstore. I was going to finally buy Eclipse, but I remembered it being $6 cheaper at Walmart, than Borders where I ventured today. We went to J. Gumbos at 4th street Live! It was delicious.

Crawfish Etouffee, it was covered over rice. It was a pretty good size, not huge, not too small but I still had to get a box. I managed to finish it before heading to work. I actually enjoyed it a bit today. Still going to look for another job though.

I honestly wish that my life was more interesting so that the pictures I take aren't just of food. Needless to say. This is my life, and in general I'm pretty content with it. I know that I have my bad days like everybody else. Mine just are a bit more frequent. It's understandable though, I moved to a new place where I have to completely restart my life, and its taking some time. I believe that I'm making slow (very slow) but steady progress to getting where I want to be.

Tomorrow I have to go up to UofL, to go see the financial aid office. I'm pretty sure that it will take majority of my day. Especially since I have to see a specific person about the teaching grants, and dealing with all my VA stuff. I really need to get some sleep. I'm just so nervous about this apartment though. I really hope that I get it. That is it for now. I will write soon. I also promise to make these a bit more exciting for those few of you who actually read this thing.

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