Wednesday, March 11

Pick a side

Why can't people just choose a side and stay there. It seems that as soon as they make up their mind, they want the exact opposite. Well, my friend, it doesn't work like that.

Sorry for the lack of picture posts. Nothing I've made recently looks appetizing. I got my doc appt in a little bit. I had them reschedule from the 9:30 to a 2 o'clock. There was no way I could be up that early. It was another sleepless night. I'm just so tired, and work was a complete bore last night. I know tonight will be as well. At least tomorrow and Friday I get to work during the day. Then I get the weekend off. I requested it, so I can go look at apartments. Then to Ikea on Sunday. That is a maybe though. I gotta leave to go to the doc now.

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