Sunday, March 1

Heavenly faux chicken

I did not mind work today. Actually woke up before the alarm went off. I got off at 4, like I was scheduled. I was worried they were going to keep me there all day, like they normally do.

I went shopping. Yes, me actually went shopping. Not on groceries, or household needs either. I bought 6, shirts. It was a good sale day at NY & Company, I also had a coupon. i just grabbed my receipt out of my purse, to see exactly how much I saved. My total would have been $176. 69, but I ended up only spending $111.57. So I'm happy that I finally got some new clothes, 1 work shirt included.

Then I went to Whole Foods. Bought some goodies. I have realized something. Every time I screw up food it is always meat. So, although not a complete vegetarian, everything that I bought was vegetarian, or vegan.

The only thing I'd eaten all day was a Clif bar. So I decided to go to the hot bar at WH. I got this yummy food. It was General Tsau's "chicken". Only it was fake chicken. Honestly, it tasted better than any other Chinese chicken I've ever had, the meatball was fake too. There were roasted veggies, rice and a veggie eggroll as well. Perfectly filling, it seems like a lot, but they were all in small portions. It was heaven, truly.

Now I'm at home, and actually getting to relax. I have plans on doing the exact same thing all of tomorrow. Except that I'll be going to gym.

Today was kind of a sad day for me too. I think that one of the reasons I haven't been shopping is because I have nobody to do it with. This was something I normally would do with Ashley, or Larissa if Izzy would allow it. I hope that my stuff looks good, since I had no feedback.

I need to put up my groceries now.

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  1. I'm excited that you are loving the veggie foods. I have never loved eating more than I do now that I have eliminated meat.

    I wish we had a Whole Foods :(