Friday, March 13


Work was a bore, but I got some much needed hours. Tomorrow is the fun and exciting day of apartment hunting. I'm genuinely excited. I can't wait to get move. Larissa called me, and asked "where are you moving?". On my status update on myspace it said that I got boxes so I can start packing. Sorry Larissa I'm not moving back to Fayetteville, you can expect a visit in June.

I got all my boxes from work so I'm going to look like an alcoholic when I do move. I'm obviously going to have to get more when the truck comes back next week. I refuse to BUY BOXES. I can't people actually make a living off that. I've got some plastic tubs I'll be able to use as well. So I'm pretty set. I'm hoping that next week Paul will be able to clean out his room, and other stuff he has here. The only thing I'm really going to miss about this place is having an in unit washer and dryer. That's pretty darn nice. I've gotta do some more apartment looking up online before I hit the hay. Goodnight all. I hope your Fridays' were more exciting than mine.

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