Tuesday, March 10

Hissy Fit

Tuesday, not a day worth repeating. I could not sleep last night, I finally fell asleep around 5!!!! Woke up at 11, way too late. I managed to get about another 50 calls this morning too, arghh.

I've spent majority of my day dealing with my retarded furniture company. They call me and tell me that I can go pick out a new dinette set, because I'm not happy with my old one. Later, on a separate issue they arrive late to exchange my coffee and end tables. Only they don't bring me my new ones. I call up there and they forgot to put in an order form and the earliest they told me they can get them to me is Friday. So my living room looked very bare. This is when I got pretty mad, and started to throw what I like to call a dignified hissy-fit. After that they managed to bring out my new tables. I don't like them. So I went up there, and I'm just sick of dealing with them in general so I told them I don't want to exchange them I just want my money back for both the dining set, and living room tables. For the pure purpose of doing it, I want them to take back all the furniture I've bought from them. I am just so fed up with this company.

I've already decided that I'm going to get my new stuff from Ikea, but I'm going to wait until I move. I expect my new place will be a lot smaller than what I have now. I'm completely okay with that, it will give me the chance to be more creative with my design concepts.

I didn't go to lunch with Paul, I woke up too late. I also haven't been very hungry today. We discussed the apartment situation, and at first he failed to see how me moving into a smaller place would be beneficial until I broke it down for him, and just over the course of him going away for 4 months, he would be saving $2,500. Now he is all on board.

The only thing I ate today was an Amy's roasted veggie lasagna. It was decent. I've also started taking my vitamins again regularly. I take those GNC vita-packs which have 7 pills in them. Then I take this other stuff from GNC, called Calcimate Complete. Its supposed to help bone density, which I have to take 4 of. The only kind of vitamin I don't mind taking is my Emergen-C, which is basically vitamin C, and it tastes like Sunkist.

I wished that all that drama hadn't happened because instead of going to the gym like I wanted, I had to spend majority of my day dealing with that, and now I have to go to work in about an hour. All in all, I hope tomorrow is a lot better.

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