Thursday, March 12

holy effin' hell

work was decent. Got my Ikea catalog in the mail today, so that kept me occupied for my very slow day at work. I get off work, decide to go ahead and pay my Geico bill. I take the chance, and head over to progressive. I customized my progressive with collision, comprehensive, roadside assistance, rental, and upped the coverage of my liability, and with the minimal deductibles. It came out to $175. I thought what the hell that's $20 better than what I pay now ($240 a year). So after I get my progressive all set up. I go to Geico website, and this is when I found out that I only had state minimum coverage liability. So I changed all the settings for the exact same as progressive for a quote, and it ended up being over $500 a month.

That just makes me so mad. I honestly cant believe that. What a freaking rip off. I hate that I'm not even tired. I have to be at work at 11:30 a.m. I'm happy to finally be getting a day shift. I just wish that my sleep pattern hadn't gotten all screwed up again. I also worked out a budget for what my expenses will be like once I start my new job, and move into a smaller place. I will have a lot more money on hand. Yahooo!!!!!

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