Saturday, April 25

Longest Week of my Life

Im so sorry everybody for the lack of blogging, and commenting on the ones that I read. I've been having issues with my internet, STILL. Then I got into a car accident the other night. I was driving down the highway at about 3:30 A.M. and we got side-swiped on the right side by somebody obviously drunk. Got thrown into the right guard rail. Then 2 days later I had to bring it up the insurance company, and they determined it to be totaled. My car isn't worth very much, and the only actual damage is purely aesthetic. So I only have to get some panels replaced. I'm fine, and so was my passenger.

I must admit the food lately has been delicious.

Eggplant panini with goat cheddar YUMMMYYY. It was absolutely wonderful. I made a trip up to Kashmir with a guy I met, and had this awesome veggie sampler, started with lentil soup, and a tandoori roti. Then the sampler had paneer, channa masala, and two other things. (sorry no pic of that).

There have been quite a few bars eaten in the past few days, but honestly those aren't even worth posting.

I had my favorite Monterrey veggie wrap at Calistoga. I could honestly live off of those.

Besides all that, I just have a ton of stuff to do around my apartment(S). I get to finish painting the old one tomorrow. No more procrastinating. I've also been working a ton lately since I'll have to be off for a couple of weeks due to the impending foot surgery. I get to go home to NC for a few weeks and see people.

Friday, April 17


TGIF everybody. Sorry about the lack of usual blogging. I've actually been out having a life for a bit of a change. Wednesday was an absolute blast, I forgot to take pics. I went out with two people from my work, Chris and Michelle. The night started out at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had a mojito, and 2 long islands. None of which were strong. Then we headed to Prime off of Main St, in downtown. It was $5 wine night, meaning the WHOLE BOTTLE, not just a glass. For being cheap, the wine was fabulous, we stuck with Chardonnay. 2 of their friends met us up there, and to keep it short and sweet, the night rocked. Got a bit tipsy, danced my face off, met a cute guy. Partied all night, quit drinking at 3. I didn't leave Chris's place till about 6.

Yesterday I woke up and had one of these bad boys. I'm so happy I didn't have a hangover. I never get them, which makes me very happy.

Cherry Pie is my favorite, followed very closely by Coconut Cream.

I decided to go visit one of my battle buddies from when I was in BCT. She lives a little over an hour away from me, in a tiny town in Indiana. It was nice to see her again. They have no decently good for you restaurants there, so we hit up Dennys...My meal was also not so good for me, french toast, and sausage.

Since I only had about 3 hours sleep on Wednesday night, I crashed out super early last night, I mean 8 PM. Then I didn't wake up till 9 this morning. I made a simple breakfast, and finally took a picture of something.

Oat bran flakes with 1 Tbs brown rice syrup and half scoop of chocolate protein powder, with almond milk. I made too much, so only managed to eat about half of it.

Now I've got all day to do as I choose with. I think I'm going to get ready and hit up the gym, then I'm not sure to do with the rest of it before I have to go to work at 4. Have a great day everybody.

Tuesday, April 14

Spin cycle

Thank goodness Tuesday is over. Although, mine wasn’t bad. As soon as I sat down to write this I completely forgot half of yesterday. So we’ll start with the part of yesterday that I do remember. I dropped off some old clothes at Goodwill, cleaned my car inside and out. She is beautiful once again. I picked up a few things from the old apartment. Then I went to Whole Foods for a real grocery-shopping trip. I got ton of goodness.

Whole wheat bread, oat bran, Brown rice syrup, organic canola oil, green chili peppers, a seafood spice rub, squash, bell peppers, artichoke hearts, cilantro, portabello mushroom caps, asparagus, sea salt, the most ripe strawberries I’ve ever had.

Baby carrots, compari tomatoes, almond milk, fresh clover honey, baby swiss, salmon stuffed with feta spinach and pinenuts, sea bass, saffron shallot butter, medijool dates, goat cheddar, eggplant, pear, sweet potatoes, fuji apples, spinach, red quinoa, and bananas.

While still at Whole Foods, I got some lunch.

Vegan general tsau’s “chicken”, garlic kale (no good), roasted veggies, then some fruit. I got a vitamin water with it.

I went to Hobby Lobby with a friend, came home, heated up Sundays' leftovers. I sautéed the spinach fett, roasted red peppers, and salmon all together. I think it was better than when I made it originally.

Last night was a sleepless night again. Instead of being lethargic I made good use of myself and went to the gym at 4:45. I got there an hour before spin, so here is my entire routine.

10 minute warm-up on cross-trainer, level 5, cross-ramp 10
3 sets of 50 sit-ups on ball
3 sets of 50 crunches with legs elevated, on ball
3 sets of 50 bicycles, both sides equal 1, not 2
3 sets of 15 x-files
3 sets of 25 side bends with 10 Lb weight on each side

I came home, made breakfast:

1 egg, 2 egg-white omelet with chili peppers, and hot sauce. Toast with Brown Rice Syrup, Tomatoes, which I sauteed. I started doing this after reading a tip from Oh She Glows. In one of her posts, she simply pointed out that the cancer fighting antioxidant lycopene in like a gazillion times more potent when the tomatoes are cooked as opposed to raw. Has anybody else ever tried Brown Rice Syrup? If so, what did you think. I liked it, small doses is definitely a rule of thumb for it.

The rest of my day was spent hanging with my friend Rob going to furniture auctions, I helped him buy clothes at an outlet mall. We also stopped my a peddlers mall, it sucked. He took me to a mediterranean cafe for lunch. I got a veggie platter. It consisted of grape leaves, spinach pie, fallafel, and hummus. (sorry, no pic) Rob ate almost half mine after he finished his chicken wrap. I was full, so it didn't matter.

I finally got to see Slumdog Millionaire, it was good. I was so tired though, and now I'm on the serious verge of collapsing on the computer. I've actually nodded off a few times. Goodnight all.

Sunday, April 12

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody. So far mine has been alright. I forgot that since it is Easter my gym is closed, and no pilates today :( I had a bowl of generic brand captain crunch. It is truly one of my few weaknesses. Spent a little time cleaning up. Drove up to my work to pick up my money from yesterday. Came home, put a few more things away.

I decided to actually make dinner for myself tonight. Oh boy was it good!

Baked salmon fillet that I added some lemon pepper seasoning to it. Spinach fettuccine, and a few roasted red pepper slices. I added about a Tbs of this Whole foods dressing to the pasta. Its made with EVOO and is just loaded with spicy herbs.

I'm in the mood for a little something sweet, and I have don't keep anything sweet in the house. My reasoning for this is, if I buy something sweet I will eat all of it in a very short period of time. So I don't keep icecream, or cake mixes, or cookies or anything. I just buy something small to satiate me whenever I get a real craving.

Now I'm about to go to my brothers and see him and my nephew for Easter. I guess I should stop and buy the kids a chocolate egg or something?

Beautiful Morning

I woke up today and the sun was shining. Very brightly I might add. Just another reason to get some curtains in my bedroom. Needless to say, I was ecstatic the rain and cold weather were gone, even if just for a day. My breakfast was leftover sesame noodles from the Chinese I had last night. YUM; right?

I spent a good portion of my morning (afternoon, I didnt wake up till 11) changing my address online to all the important things like; the bank, cc's, etc.

Off to the gym, again with the taking it slow. So I only did 30 minutes plus 5 minute cool down on the cross-trainer. I had a major cramp in my side so no ab's today.

Came home, had one of these bad boys:

Raw Organic bar, Chocolate Coconut flavored. I liked that it had a lot more protein than Larabars, and was USDA organic approved. Great flavor too. 2 thumbs up

After the shower, and getting half ready for work, I felt kind of pretty so I snapped a pic. I had to go to the old apartment to pick up my clothes from the dryer. I figured I can still do laundry there, since rent is paid up to the 25th, a lot easier than a laundry mat. I really hate those places. After the pic, I remembered to put a bra on.

Work was a bore as usual. I ate a kids mini burger while I was there, so hungry.When it was over I was excited to get out of there, but not about going home to my lonely apartment. It was too late to get a coffee, so I went to a movie theater and caught the 12:30 a.m showing of the new Fast and Furious. I liked it. One of the previews was for a bank robbery movie (which I love those anyways) based on a true story. It stars Johnny Depp, and Christian Bale. Both of them in the same movie. What more could a girl ask for?!?!?!? It starts July 1st.

It was a bit depressing to go to the movies alone. I almost didn't go because I felt like such a loser. It's not just the movie, but almost everything. I have one friend in this whole huge city, but that friend has other friends too. So I have to do so much stuff alone. Then are things I haven't done because there is nobody to go with. I've been putting myself out there, I'm just not getting any responses. Then the thought of rejection makes me cringe. I hope this all changes, when I start school in 4 more months. That's such a long time, I hope for some companionship before then.

I'm off tomorrow. I'm excited to go to the gym and actually take my time. There is also a pilates class in the afternoon. I am SOOO there. Now its time for me to hit the hay. Goodnight all!!

Saturday, April 11

stuffing my face

Yesterday was my first day back in the gym in a while. I only did 30 minutes on cross-trainer. I am not trying to re-injure myself right off the bat. I swear I ate so much yesterday. I don't even know why. Definitely not something I need to do again. I'm not going to beat myself up about it too bad. Now I've got to get ready to go the gym today. Sorry for the lack of pictures lately. I promise to add some with the next post. I hope that everybody is enjoying their weekend.

Wednesday, April 8


Today has been scattered as usual. I can't wait to have a "normal" schedule. For lack of internet, I had to go to the coffee shop and use their WiFi to post yesterdays blog.

Then it was off to see my Ortho doctor. He told me I can go back to the gym, just to take it slow. He said I'm free to elliptical it up, and take as many spin classes as my little heart desires. Nobody here knows the excitement radiating through my body. Bad news though. I'm getting surgery on my foot at the beginning of May, so I'll be in a walking cast, "boot" for about 3 weeks after that.

Work wasn't too bad. I made a conscience effort to be in a good mood. It ended up working and by the end of the night I really didn't mind being there.

Now I'm at my brothers dads' house in Indiana for the night. I'll be back in Louisville in the morning. Goodnight all.

Tuesday, April 7

Belated Monday

Happy Tuesday all!! This post was supposed to be sent out yesterday, but I have no internet at either apartment right now. These past few days have been super hectic. I really want this move to be over with. I have almost everything out of the apartment that I want to keep. Now I just have to throw away stuff, paint, and clean. I only have a few things left to unpack. I’m just ready for all of this to be done. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t eat breakfast this morning. Lunch was a shared pizza with my friend; pepperoni, mushrooms, and olives. I don’t even feel that bad about it.

Dinner was much better. I heated up half a can of Amy’s Split Pea Soup. It tasted a bit like baby food, so I added some crushed up pita chips for texture. I didn’t have any crackers. Then after almost an hour of cooking I finally got to eat my Amy’s Stuffed Shells. It was basically an Amy’s extravaganza.

Saturday was a bit more fun. I conned a friend into helping me move all the heavy stuff. Then I had to do his dishes, and help him move in return. I was really no use. He packed everything so heavy, I couldn’t lift a thing. Ha-ha. Afterwards we somewhat celebrated and went to Kashmir. I got the Baingan Bartha. The The Fitnessista always raves about it. OMG!!! It was delicious!!! Thank you Gina! My friend liked it better than his Lamb Marsala (not pictured).

Yesterdays lunch was a-freaking-mazing!!! I went to Calistoga, and got a Monterrey Veggie Wrap. It had hummus, roasted red peppers, feta, carmelized red onions, spinach, kalamata olives, and a whole bunch of other goodness that I can't even remember. I ate half, and brought the rest home to snack on later. Honestly, the best sandwich/wrap I've ever had.

Last night after the endless day of unpacking, I relaxed by watching both Harold and Kumar’s and drank. I never drink by myself, but boy did I drink. I had Three Olives Vodka watermelon flavor, mixed with Fresca soda. They were delicious.

Right now, I’m just finishing up watching Twilight (again). I swear I really want my own personal vampire to come save me. I can’t wait till the next one comes out. Does anybody know when that will be?

I’ve got my ortho appt today, so I finally get to find out the results of my bone scan, and see how my legs are doing. Since I’ve quit the cardio lately my legs haven’t hurt in the past couple of days, minus a couple of random twinges of pain. That is all for now.

Saturday, April 4

The end is near

I am beyond exhausted. I started off this morning with a Larabar. Which happened to be the one remotely healthy thing I ate all day.

I packed up a few things and went over to the new apt. to finish my painting. I am absolutely in love with the color. Left there and got ready for work, as soon as work was over I was back at the new place to put together the last bit of furniture from Ikea. Here is the almost final result.

Everything I ate today was complete junk, and I feel awful about it. Its a little hard to cook or even make anything when all the plates, cookware, tableware are at one location and the food is at another. I'm hoping to get everything transferred tomorrow. Then when all is said and done, a much needed trip to Whole Foods will be in place. I am just so exhausted, both mentally and physically. I'm on the verge of sleep right now. So that is what I will go ahead and give in to.

Wednesday, April 1

Crypt of th Living

Good afternoon everybody. I hope that your Wednesday in Five Flavors of Fantastic!!! I've been a diagnosed insomniac for a couple of years now. It hasn't been bad at all lately. They non-sleeping habits come in cycles. I was doing great since I've moved to Louisville in November, and here in the past 3 days, 2 of them have been sleepless. I am just sooooo tired.

Once I knew that sleep was not coming and the sun was going to come out I headed to Wal-mart, and picked up some things for the new place. Basic stuff; sponges, drain cover, dish-rack, and ice cube trays. Nothing exciting. I need to get some stuff for some very innovative storage. After the trip to Wally World stopped by the new place, and dropped off all the goodies. Came home painted for a few hours. I realized I was starving.

2 eggs with hot sauce and pepper. and a piece of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel.

Back to primer-ing over all the old paint. This red is taking 3 coats of primer. I had to buy one of those 5 gallon things of Kilz. My apt is starting to look very sterile. I HATE white walls. Once I was sufficiently sick of it, I went to the new apt, and started putting together the new furniture. I didn't get too far, I should've brought a few tools; adjustable wrench, and screwdrivers. Again, I realized hungry I was, and by the way my arms are ON FIRE.

After debating what I wanted, it dawned on me Whole Foods

Vegan General Tsau's "chicken", basami rice, sesame kale, and asparagus. I swear that their "chicken" is the only imitation meat product that I actually enjoy. I love it more each time I eat it. I also had an "all-natural" energy drink from there. I looked at the ingredients. It looked the same as Red Bull, I just want it to kick in shortly. I honestly feel as if I could pass out with my head on the keyboard. Unfortunately I have to be at work in an hour. So, I need to keep busy until then.

Ooohh, before I forget. I made the best smoothie EVER yesterday.

Berry Me
1 1/4 cup mixed raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries (frozen)
3/4 cup almond milk
1/4 cup vanilla Silk Soy yogurt,
1 scoop chocolate soy protein powder
Granola to garnish.