Monday, October 5

Tomatoes, Tomatos

The past couple of days have been very hectic. Most peoples weekends are my busiest days at work. I hate being a server. I was at the gym Saturday and most days I don't may much attention to how much time I have left. I'm normally in my zone/ own little world rocking out to my iPod. Nope not this time, I looked down after what I thought had been forever. Wrong, I had only been on my cross-trainer for 15 minutes, and still had 45 to go..It was agony, but I finished. Afterwards I had to go to work, I brought all my clothes and shower stuff. I had an extra 45 minutes to spare since I didnt have to drive home, and go all the way back to that side of town. I stopped at Whole Foods and decided to treat myself to some delicious Hot Bar.

Oh it was all so yummy. Vegan sweet and sour Chicken, pineapple Basmati rice, Bok Choy, and a Veggie Eggroll. It was 3/4 Lb of food.

I also picked up a couple of Bars. I tried this new one I saw for the first time. Raw Revolution-Chocolate Cashew flavor. It was pretty good, I did like that it didn't have the sticky consistency that the Raw Organic Food Bars have. I still love them though.

For a snack/ dinner Saturday night I had some Edemame and 3 dried Apricots. Not the best thing. It was 11 at night, I wasn't very hungry, and my cabinets are getting a little bare.

Last night I played poker with some of my boys at Mi Casa. I did a rush cleaning last night, just dishes and tidying up the place. I normally come in 1st or 2nd, but I was second out last night, only had one good hand the whole time. So I'm out $20, but I had a good time with my boys.

I have today off of work, and I'm taking full advantage. I've gotten a jump start on my cleaning. I'm about to go to Hubers, its a family owned Farm and Restaurant. You can pick your own fruits and veggies. I've been told they are all organic, so I'm hoping that's correct. I also want to get a pumpkin. One to make pumpkin soup with, and the other I'll carve. I'll probably use the insides for pumpkin soup as well. I'm super excited, I've never been there before. It is time for me to get going.

Friday, October 2

Good morning all

I had plans to wake up around 9 today, but then I couldnt sleep last night, and I finally clocked out around 2:30, James decided to call me back at 4. He was a bit drunk and even though I'm not a fan of dealing with drunk people I stayed up and talked with him to make sure he was okay. Passed out again around 5:30. I need to tidy up the apartment some, then head to the gym. With not having as much free time like I had planned on, I will just bring all my stuff for work with me, shower and change at the gym.

The food wasn't nearly as healthy as I had envisioned yesterday. I honestly can't even remember what I had except for a Coconut Larabar. I must get going now. Have a great day!


Oh and I got that job. Its another serving job, for day shifts. So for the time being, I'm gonna work my ass off at both jobs, and save some cash. I really need a safety cushion. I've definitely got some things on my wish-list that I'm going to try to obtain.

Are there specific things that you are saving for? If so, what are they?

Thursday, October 1

Work it out now

Just got back from the gym. Only had time to do an hour of cardio. I will do my abs later on today with my mat and stability ball. I did the cross trainer on intervals alternating between ramp 10, resistance 6, and 6/8. Tomorrow I have a bit more free time to play with and will be doing my cardio along chest and arms. Fun fun fun.

Now its time for a shower and to get ready for the interview, make some yummy food (will take pics). Then out and about on the town.


Morning all, I feel lethargic. I got a little less than 6 hours of sleep. I've got a lot to do today. Starting with, giving some lady a whole bunch of my money so I have a place to I'm then going to force my lazy butt into the gym. I made a new playlist, so I'm hoping that it keeps me motivated. I really need to get in awesome shape for Larissas' wedding. I already have my dress, and it fits well, but I could definitely lose a few more pounds and tone the arms and legs. This dress will be showing them off. I have an interview for a second job at 3 for the daytime, chiropractor appt. I also picked up a shift at my restaurant tonight. I need money, it cost a little over $500 to get my car fixed the other day.

In spite of all the madness that today ensues I will attempt to make some healthy homemade meals. I've really been trying to use up all the food I have in my cabinets before I go grocery shopping again, except for things like Almond milk. My breakfast was cereal, not even the good-for-you kind. I do actually need to buy some egg substitutes. I must get going now.

Have a great day,