Sunday, March 1

Fizzy sickness

How the hell do you screw up a pot roast cooked in a crock pot. well I managed to do it. It was a bit dry, and I should have added more spices. We still ate it though.

Work sucked tonight. I went in at 4, and the other host was scheduled for 7. Well, 10 minutes before her shift she called out. I let the managers know how pissed I was. When I wouldn't be able to make it to work I would let them know a few days ahead, at least much earlier in the day. She just had no plan on showing up. We were busy, and I got my butt kicked, but I handled it well, and didn't get frazzled. So since I was the only one there my tip share should be decent. My boss wouldn't let go until after 1. TOTAL bullshit. I'd already been there since 4, I also have to be there at noon tomorrow. Not happy that next weekend I am the only host who has to work both Fri and Sat.

I am getting sick. My right adenoid is swollen and hurts. I don't know why they just didn't take them out when they took out my tonsils in '07. So I took my immune boosting supplements. It reminds me of Tang, ugghhh.

The other night was fun. We both got drunk. I hadn't been drunk in so long. Good times. I tried to get a pic of him, but he blocked his face with his camera. Camera war, haha.

Earlier I got to catch up on the latest 3 episodes of Burn Notice, so that was nice. I really love that show. Its my second favorite, Entourage is first. It's bed time now.

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