Monday, March 30

Bright Shiny Morning

Hello all!!! I must inform you that I'm not singing the "I hate Mondays" song today. Although it started out bad. NO sleep, thats right, not a wink. I don't think my insomnia issues are coming back, I mostly blame it on Breaking Dawn. Haha.
Today was a lucky sock kind of day. I know it may sound a bit odd to some of you, but whenever I need the odds to be in my favor I wear one of my "lucky" items. I'm not superstitious by no means, other than lucky socks, hat, and shirt.

I got the bone scan. I'm radioactive till about 9:00 tomorrow night. The screen was showing the cracks. It's not the first time I've had this done. They are definitely there, not as prominent as they were when the original injury occured last May. I just want to be back to normal, and able to work out, do cardio again. I really miss yoga the most. I meet with my doc next week to discuss the "findings". I'm hoping that he will actually recommend yoga, since it is technically "bone strengthening",and maybe he'll let me do some light cardio. More than anything I would love to tell me that I'm mentally insane, my legs are fine, and I'm imagining the pain. Then I would be happy, and could go on about my business, and workouts.



I brought my friend Rob who had never been in Ikea either. We spent almost 5 hours in there. I had 1 shopping cart, and 2 push carts for big items. He got one chair.
I managed to haul out of there with all this. His enormous truck was packed full.

I hit the jackpot!!!!, only $680 for
  1. Love seat
  2. armchair
  3. High backed chair
  4. Cover for love seat
  5. 2 Covers for high backed chair
  6. Coffee Table
  7. End Table
  8. Floor lamp
  9. 2 accent lamps
  10. 3 pillows
  11. Huge Rug
  12. TV stand
  13. Set of 3 cannisters
  14. 100 pack of tealights ($3.50, almost the same price I'd pay at Walmart for a 10 pack)
  15. Lint Roller (????)
  16. 2 cushions for my kitchen chairs
Technically my kitchen chairs are my metal outdoor furniture. Since I don't technically have a porch, and they fit in perfect with my eclectic decor, I repurposed them. The table is turquoise, with a lime green, and hot pink chair.

I finally made it home around 10, and had to make some dinner. Its super late, but considering I didn't sleep last night, my metabolism is already shot for the day.

Veggie sausage link. I was sage apple flavored. I think the apple was much to strong. Also, the texture kind of weirded me out. The leftover rice was great though.

Tomorrow I have to go up to Home Depot and buy primer for this place and paint for the new place, along with the needed accessories. Like tarps, I really wish my mom could come up here and help me. She loves this kind of stuff as much as I do.

After the new place is painted I will start the assembly process of all the new stuff (ughhhh)

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