Saturday, March 7

I need a pick me up!!! So tired

Hooray for Saturday!!! Not really, I have to work late. I really detest my job, but I go in, and do what is required of me. I woke up at 8:45 this morning. Only a little over 6 hours sleep for me. I felt fine. For breakfast I made:

2 egg whites on Ezekiel Sesame bread with hot sauce. Then good old Emergen-C. Which I need to buy more of.

Off to the gym I went. I was on the cross-trainer for half an hour and noticed a whole bunch of people holding yoga mats filtering in. I checked the schedule and sure enough, I had enough time to go to my car, grab my mat and do my lovely hour long yoga. It still wasn't good yoga.

I really miss my old studio in Fayetteville. Om Yoga Studio was good. Katherine was my favorite teacher. I still need to make time to go do Bikrams. I'm already sure that I'll hate/love it. You know you absolutely just want to pack your stuff and leave in the middle of class, but you persevere and then at the end you're glad you stayed because you feel awesome. At least I get those feelings.

Came home did a bit of cleaning around the house. Then made this for lunch:

Clockwise from top: Spinach, spicy Kimchi, and Hummus.

My brother came and got his huge TV that I kept in my living room, and replaced it with a smaller 32 inch. The other was so much nicer, at least this one is a flat screen as well. Also, since it's smaller I could move the furniture around. I like this layout better. This is the one I'd wanted to do before, but couldn't due to the huge TV. Again, I'll post pics once the new tables arrive.

Time to get ready for work. BLAHHH!!! I really wish the guy would come visit me once in a while. That would be nice, doubt it though.

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