Monday, March 16

Need a good cry

I had so much I needed to get accomplished today. I got about half of it done. I finally got my way with the furniture company. Getting my stuff picked up and getting my money back for the dinette and living room tables. I made some calls to some apartment places. Finally was able to hit the gym, watched my nephew, went to Whole Foods. I also got some stuff printed out for UofL. I still would of liked to do more, but I can't do everything. I also hate how I can't commit to a place until my brother puts in a 30 day notice with my current complex. He keeps putting it off, which is really bugging me. We had a huge fight earlier today. Its just gotten to the point where everything he does annoys me, and we almost always bicker.

Today's eats were a Nutri-Grain bar for b-fast. Lunch involved tuna, veganaise, with relish. It was awesome.

Dinner was this A-Freaking-Mazing. Yummy spinach, endive, arugala, with sprouts, lentils, feta, garbanzo beans. I got this awesome herbs de provonce dressing. Topped with vegan general tau's "chicken".

Now I'm just relaxing, and doing a bit of research on the apartments. I really want to watch Steel Magnolias, for obvious reasons.

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