Sunday, March 15

Too Tired for Title

I hope your Sunday is going spectacular. Mine was decent, a bit better than Saturdays. Sorry for the lack of blogging. Every single apartment I looked at yesterday was crap, ghetto, and/or smelled like cat piss. Sounds like a blasty, haha!! Today I went to one at 12:30. Its older, but its not crappy, ghetto, and does not smell like cat piss. Its a bit small, but I do like it. Tomorrow I'm going to stroll 2 nice streets that we drove though today. They had a ton of for rent signs. So maybe I'll find something even better.

Later; Paul, Trendon and I had dinner at Dennys. T was asleep from the time we got him out of the car till we put him back in. I had some yummy shrimp, rice, and veggies. I ate a few bites of the potatoes, and toast too:

Now I just want to spend a bit of time relaxing finally.

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