Thursday, March 5

Cabo Wabo

There is some S&M party going on at my work tonight. It is being sponsored by Cabo Wabo tequila. Thank goodness employees don't have to dress up. We just get a really cute pink shirt to wear that they supplied. Once it gets started I'll get camera happy.

Went to the dentist today. My teeth are in perfect health. I have a doc appt tomorrow. So we shall see how the rest of me is holding up. So far my efforts on combatting the sickness seem useless. It is slowly getting the better of me. I will not surrender and let the germs prevail. I shall be victorious. I sound like braveheart haha.

I really want to make it to Bikrams tomorrow. Not sure since I'll be here till about 3. Then the doc appt before work. It's also pretty expensive. They have a "first week" for $25. Where as a single class is $15. So I'll do that. I just want to make sure I'll have time the whole week. So I can get my moneys worth. That's all for now. I should update with pics later.

UPDATER: This S&M party was not advertised very well, or at all for that matter. So there were no people ready to party like that at all. There was even a Pure Romance sales rep that had a booth set up. I felt bad for the girl, nobody bought anything from her. Supposedly its going to happen every Thursday night for the next couple of weeks. Who knows, maybe I'll buy something.

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