Wednesday, March 4

Project Desk: 101

Happy Hump Day!!! Oh, if that were true. Today was full of adventures for me, and pictures for you.

My day started off with a bowl of yogurt with grapes, granola, and goji mix-ins.

I worked on the desk. Then when the assembly portion was over I went to a few stores to get accessories for it. Stopped by Calistoga first and got the yummiest sandwich ever.

At Home Depot I returned a few things that I ended up not using on the desk project. I also bought two small plants. I will now be conducting an experiment to see how long it takes to kill them.

Then Big Lots, this store was not on the planned agenda but I saw it and swooped in. I am so glad I did, I bought an awesome rug for my living room. I will post pictures just as soon as the new tables arrive. Also some little decoration thingy for the table. Then for the piece de le resistance Home Goods. This is where I picked up an awesome lamp. I almost bought a similar one at Big Lots for $30 MORE. Haha, glad I didn't. A good pillow, picture frame, and chair. I also got some knick knacks for my kitchen. All in all the Home Goods store cost me $135. I didn't want a typical computer chair. I wanted some a bit more contemporary, and sleek.

So here it is

I have to admit that I am pretty darn proud of myself. It took forever. I went up to my work just have dinner with my bro. I get half off. Got a super yummy salad.

You can see my brothers greasy food on the left. My salad was spinach based, with a pinot noir shallot vinegairette. Topped with dried cranberries, walnuts, roasted corn, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, feta, and apple slices. All in all "pure heaven".

I did not make it home in time for my Bikrams yoga, its all good and well though. My arms and legs are pretty sore from yesterdays workout. I'm going to relax now and watch some lovely T.V.

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