Saturday, January 31


My blog post was originally going to be titled "Happy as a clam" that has all changed in the past 20 minutes. My retarded router decided to unlock itself so now everybody in the immediate area that does not have their own router is using mine and slowing me down. I cant work on it due to the fact that my brothers comp has a password.

I feel sickness coming on so I'm drinking Yogis Tea, green tea and triple echinacea. I was hungry, all I had eaten today was a Clif bar (no pic, sorry), and half a chicken sandwich that Paul gave me. So I whipped up some tuna (herb and garlic flavored, yummy), veganaise, cherry tomatoes, and relish. Stuffed it inside a pita. I ended up only eating half. The tea was a bit blah, but I'd rather drink that than endure more sickness.

Before all that happened though I went ahead and messaged Daphne, the only thing my message said were "??????". the response was "i just wanted to see how you were" I went ahead and sent a response back. I thought to myself, "maybe she is willing to leave the past where should be, behind us. Then I dealt with the internet bs. Tried to log in again, and I was told that my account had been temporarily locked due to multiple failed breaking and entering attempts. I am not one to jump to conclusions, or make assumptions. But come on, that is a little bit too obvious.

Back the original point of this blog. I finally got my registration and plates taken care of. It cost me an arm and a leg, but it is done. So I will continue to be legal. I was a total badass tonight and played Bingo with my brother. HAHA. Its actually kinda fun. Wished I could have won some money, I need it right now with that car shit, I'm broke. I also payed all my bills today.

I did my taxes online, I am supposed to be getting about $1,500 back. So that is exciting. I'll be able to use half and pay off my credit cards. The rest I'm pretty sure that I will "attempt" to save, or get some stuff fixed on my car. The immediate stuff, like the fact that my passenger door handle is broken, and my sunroofs seal needs replacing.

I checked my AT&T bill online today. I almost puked when I saw it. $267!!!!! I was freaking out, because I didnt know what the Iphone was going to cost me monthly. Then as I was dry heaving and going through the bill I noticed that they billed a cancellation fee on my bill that was supposed to be my brothers, because he cancelled one of his lines. I guess when they were switching the phones out they did it by mistake. I told my brother, and the fee wasn't on his bill. So he gave me the $165 he owed me. I am very relieved to know that my bill is only $5 more a month for the iPhone than the Blackberry.

After the Bingo Extravaganza, I decided to go to Wal-Mart. Bought a few more veggies, so that way I can make my meals for the next few days. I refuse to buy my veggies in bulk. I buy only enough for about a week. I just got so sick of throwing away money. I got some other things like spices. I got this greek seasoning stuff that Claudia says makes tofu taste really good. So we shall see. New hummus, got my favorite Roasted Red Pepper, and decided to live on the wild side and try Spicy Three Pepper. Haha, Im suck a lame sometimes. I also finally got the Magic Bullet. (I'm talking about the blender, not the vibrator). I've been wanting one for so long, so I finally did it. I'm super excited about trying it tomorrow.

I really enjoy cooking, but honestly doing it for just myself almost everyday is kind of depressing. When you're cooking for somebody else you get their opinions and they tell you how awesome it is. Or on the rare occasion how they'd "rather eat rat poison". So I am trying not to view this as a sad thing. I will just use this time to develop my cooking skills even further. The one thing I am quite upset about. I bought lamb (expensive) a little while back ago, and I've been dying to make it. Got the recipe out of this cookbook. Super easy, and I just KNOW it will taste awesome. The thing is I am not going to cook my expensive lamb for just myself.

P.S. That bottle is not real, its a change jar. I'm not an alcoholic. Its only about half filled, but has $300 in it. I'm waiting till its all the way filled to use it. I want to use for something that I actually want. Not groceries, or house shit. Even though I really want a good vacuum. Mine is shit. Maybe a nice piece of art that makes me happy when I look at it. Something with lasting value (as my dad would say it)

Oh, I was very distraught to find out that Louisville is supposed to get another 6-8 inches of snow. Geez, my parking lot is still nothing but ice and slush. Not even all the main roads are clear. I wasnt made for this crap.

Oh yeah, even the the clouds are dark, ominous, and ever present right now. There was a small break in the clouds, and while driving home tonight, I saw a shooting star. You can bet your bottom dollar I wished on it.

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  1. you should post some nice big photos of louisville in all of it's white ice glory. i would like to see.