Friday, January 9

How odd?

This was my horoscope today:

Getting clutter out of the way in your day-to-day life will help you clear the clutter out of your brain too, so put some energy into cleaning up around your house and getting things organized today. Not only will you find it terrifically satisfying, it's a task you can turn your mind off to do -- you can give your gray matter a rest while you give your home a facelift. You will feel proud of the work you've done and you'll feel ready to face life's next challenges.

I just checked it, and surprise surprise cleaning up and getting everything organized is what I did all day. Matter of fact it did help me clear my mind.

I am going to the gym around 8. I hate going at this time of day, way to crowded, and sometimes my machines are occupied with waiting lists behind them. Today has been a good day.

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