Tuesday, January 20

3 days

It feels like forever since I have blogged. But wow. only 3 days my goodness.

So I have been sick for almost a week. The week before I was also starting to feel pain again in where my legs were broken. I know that I should be taking it pretty easy, I just don't want to. This past week of rest has definitely helped.

No pain what-so-ever today. Did an hour on my cross-trainer. 10 minutes of stretching, and worked my stomach for 25 minutes. Like I said before, I have a while before I even get the right to call them abs. Then lunges (ahhhh!!!), and squats on the bosu balance ball thing. I can already tell that I am going to be sore as hell tomorrow, hell I already am.

So Barack Obama is finally my new president. I really am hoping that a lot of things will finally change in America. Here is to hoping.

I've got an interview for my temp job tomorrow. I hope it goes well, and I get some more money rolling in for the next 2 months, until my "real" job starts. I also need to hurry up and finish my application for the local University. I'm just worried about the essay portion, I really suck at writing how I feel. This blog probably seems ironic then. The difference is that on here I don't have to censor myself, and I get to write about whatever pops into my head. That is all for now.

Now I have to shower, then go pick up my nephew from day care.

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