Thursday, January 8


I am in Indiana right now. Got here yesterday, and staying here till tomorrow morning. Its a small town with pretty much nothing to do. My nephews mom lives here, so I let her have him for two days.

I hate the snow, and believe me its snowy up here. I live just 60 miles south, and it is cold, but not like this. I dont even own a windshield ice scraper. All I've done is sit around, EAT, and play poker on myspace. I feel like I should win an award for being Americas biggest sloth right now. Gotta drive back in to KY tomorrow, get an oil change and get ass back in the gym. Im craving going back to the gym, and eating yummy healthy food.

Personally I just want to kick my brother in the teeth right now. He has pissed me off so bad since I got back 5 days ago. He just better not be around me too much in the upcoming week.

Ex's. I am so sick of them at this point. I wish they all could be shipped off to some island so I never have to see or hear from them again. Dont call me up wanting to make small talk, I dont want that.

I am considering driving back home tonight. They have a cat where I'm staying at, and being allergic is not a good match. You know, I really do like living in Louisville, there are much better job opportunities, and a lot more to do. I just wish I had friends that I could go out with. Its really hard coming to a new city where everybody has their groups of friends. Plus I dont even know where to meet people. Going to places alone is pretty odd. I went out to a concert my first week here, and out one other time. The whole time I just stayed outside and smoked. Smoking outside by yourself is a lot less obvious than sitting alone at a table.

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