Tuesday, January 13

It Tuesday, not Wednesday

I confronted that guy yesterday, and I am summarizing what he said, but it boiled down to, "I dont see you like that, but I would still like to be friends". I really wanted to tell him to go fuck himself instead I took the high road and went with "I just can't be friends with you now, because I actually did like you". In all reality that is the truth. I am not good at remaining friends with guys I have dated or liked. I have two guy friends that have come from either of those situations. The rest I would never like to talk to again.

I really do hope that one day he will see he fucked up. That is highly unlikely though. I got to talk to my Ashley last night, and we talked through it. Also, I'm just happy to get an answer out of him. It wasn't really the one I wanted, but I am just glad that it happened. I am doing much much better today.

My morning started off pretty early. I had my very annoying alarm set for 8, and boy did it wake me up. Damn thing almost gives me a heart attack every time I hear it. Got up, did 1o minutes of stretching. My nephew didn't wake up till 8:30. So I immediately got him ready and then we headed to the gym.

I got very confused when I was at the gym. Got the schedule mixed up by thinking that today was Wednesday, not Tuesday. So I didnt get to attend the class I wanted. It is all good though, I am going to yoga tonight.

Came home, made some eggs for both me and little man. He got sausage as well, I had one bite, didnt like and gave it back. I was still craving something. So I grabbed me a small banana with apple butter.

Did a whole bunch more cleaning. I have come to realize that I clean up more after my older brother than I do my nephew. My little man is finally starting day care on Thursday. So I will finally be able to do all the errands that are just to inconvenient to do when I have him with me. As well as looking for a short-term job till I can my start my good one in March.

I have always sucked about taking my vitamins regularly, so I finally started taking my vita-packs from GNC. Every single one of those pills were ginormous. Also, I've already managed to get down about 60 oz of water today.

4 o'clock rolled around and I was hungry again. So instead of munching on my nephews Goldfish, i went ahead and julienned a small squash, added 3 asparagus spears, half can of chick peas, added 3 oz of tomato paste with oregano, thyme, salt, pepper,and paprika. Bake for 20 minutes. Topped off with parmesan.

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