Monday, January 5

Crazy Productive

I started my day off with a bang. Woke up, made a healthy breakfast. 1 cup cottage cheese, with a small tangelo, and a few blackberries. My nephew had a mini omelette and turkey sausage.

After that we headed to Urban Active and I dropped him off at the play area. I only had time to do an hour on the cross-trainer, and then a 25 minute ab workout. Had to rush to get Trendon before I got scolded at again for picking him up after 12. Got there at 11:57. On my way out the kids area. I mentioned having to walk over to the Whole Foods Market and pick up some hummus. Ended up getting in a discussion about healthy foods with a guy.

Found the best tasting hummus ever, Roasted Red Pepper. Holy shit. I even got my nephew to eat some. Lunch was a small helping of my yummy hummus along with sauteed mushrooms, and green beans. I finally went and bought my new George Foreman grill. As expensive as that thing was it better be friggin amazing.

Not entirely sure what I am making for dinner, I do know that I have to be back at the gym by 7 to do my Zumba class.

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