Wednesday, April 8


Today has been scattered as usual. I can't wait to have a "normal" schedule. For lack of internet, I had to go to the coffee shop and use their WiFi to post yesterdays blog.

Then it was off to see my Ortho doctor. He told me I can go back to the gym, just to take it slow. He said I'm free to elliptical it up, and take as many spin classes as my little heart desires. Nobody here knows the excitement radiating through my body. Bad news though. I'm getting surgery on my foot at the beginning of May, so I'll be in a walking cast, "boot" for about 3 weeks after that.

Work wasn't too bad. I made a conscience effort to be in a good mood. It ended up working and by the end of the night I really didn't mind being there.

Now I'm at my brothers dads' house in Indiana for the night. I'll be back in Louisville in the morning. Goodnight all.

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