Saturday, April 25

Longest Week of my Life

Im so sorry everybody for the lack of blogging, and commenting on the ones that I read. I've been having issues with my internet, STILL. Then I got into a car accident the other night. I was driving down the highway at about 3:30 A.M. and we got side-swiped on the right side by somebody obviously drunk. Got thrown into the right guard rail. Then 2 days later I had to bring it up the insurance company, and they determined it to be totaled. My car isn't worth very much, and the only actual damage is purely aesthetic. So I only have to get some panels replaced. I'm fine, and so was my passenger.

I must admit the food lately has been delicious.

Eggplant panini with goat cheddar YUMMMYYY. It was absolutely wonderful. I made a trip up to Kashmir with a guy I met, and had this awesome veggie sampler, started with lentil soup, and a tandoori roti. Then the sampler had paneer, channa masala, and two other things. (sorry no pic of that).

There have been quite a few bars eaten in the past few days, but honestly those aren't even worth posting.

I had my favorite Monterrey veggie wrap at Calistoga. I could honestly live off of those.

Besides all that, I just have a ton of stuff to do around my apartment(S). I get to finish painting the old one tomorrow. No more procrastinating. I've also been working a ton lately since I'll have to be off for a couple of weeks due to the impending foot surgery. I get to go home to NC for a few weeks and see people.

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  1. Foot surgery?? That doesn't sound like much fun :( What is the planned date? Great wraps- can't get much tastier than fresh veggies and cheese in wrap form :) Good luck with all your to dos!