Friday, April 17


TGIF everybody. Sorry about the lack of usual blogging. I've actually been out having a life for a bit of a change. Wednesday was an absolute blast, I forgot to take pics. I went out with two people from my work, Chris and Michelle. The night started out at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had a mojito, and 2 long islands. None of which were strong. Then we headed to Prime off of Main St, in downtown. It was $5 wine night, meaning the WHOLE BOTTLE, not just a glass. For being cheap, the wine was fabulous, we stuck with Chardonnay. 2 of their friends met us up there, and to keep it short and sweet, the night rocked. Got a bit tipsy, danced my face off, met a cute guy. Partied all night, quit drinking at 3. I didn't leave Chris's place till about 6.

Yesterday I woke up and had one of these bad boys. I'm so happy I didn't have a hangover. I never get them, which makes me very happy.

Cherry Pie is my favorite, followed very closely by Coconut Cream.

I decided to go visit one of my battle buddies from when I was in BCT. She lives a little over an hour away from me, in a tiny town in Indiana. It was nice to see her again. They have no decently good for you restaurants there, so we hit up Dennys...My meal was also not so good for me, french toast, and sausage.

Since I only had about 3 hours sleep on Wednesday night, I crashed out super early last night, I mean 8 PM. Then I didn't wake up till 9 this morning. I made a simple breakfast, and finally took a picture of something.

Oat bran flakes with 1 Tbs brown rice syrup and half scoop of chocolate protein powder, with almond milk. I made too much, so only managed to eat about half of it.

Now I've got all day to do as I choose with. I think I'm going to get ready and hit up the gym, then I'm not sure to do with the rest of it before I have to go to work at 4. Have a great day everybody.

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