Saturday, April 4

The end is near

I am beyond exhausted. I started off this morning with a Larabar. Which happened to be the one remotely healthy thing I ate all day.

I packed up a few things and went over to the new apt. to finish my painting. I am absolutely in love with the color. Left there and got ready for work, as soon as work was over I was back at the new place to put together the last bit of furniture from Ikea. Here is the almost final result.

Everything I ate today was complete junk, and I feel awful about it. Its a little hard to cook or even make anything when all the plates, cookware, tableware are at one location and the food is at another. I'm hoping to get everything transferred tomorrow. Then when all is said and done, a much needed trip to Whole Foods will be in place. I am just so exhausted, both mentally and physically. I'm on the verge of sleep right now. So that is what I will go ahead and give in to.

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  1. AH! It looks fabulous!!Great work! Moving makes eating soooo difficult! I felt like I ate like poop while we were moving too