Sunday, April 12

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody. So far mine has been alright. I forgot that since it is Easter my gym is closed, and no pilates today :( I had a bowl of generic brand captain crunch. It is truly one of my few weaknesses. Spent a little time cleaning up. Drove up to my work to pick up my money from yesterday. Came home, put a few more things away.

I decided to actually make dinner for myself tonight. Oh boy was it good!

Baked salmon fillet that I added some lemon pepper seasoning to it. Spinach fettuccine, and a few roasted red pepper slices. I added about a Tbs of this Whole foods dressing to the pasta. Its made with EVOO and is just loaded with spicy herbs.

I'm in the mood for a little something sweet, and I have don't keep anything sweet in the house. My reasoning for this is, if I buy something sweet I will eat all of it in a very short period of time. So I don't keep icecream, or cake mixes, or cookies or anything. I just buy something small to satiate me whenever I get a real craving.

Now I'm about to go to my brothers and see him and my nephew for Easter. I guess I should stop and buy the kids a chocolate egg or something?

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