Tuesday, April 14

Spin cycle

Thank goodness Tuesday is over. Although, mine wasn’t bad. As soon as I sat down to write this I completely forgot half of yesterday. So we’ll start with the part of yesterday that I do remember. I dropped off some old clothes at Goodwill, cleaned my car inside and out. She is beautiful once again. I picked up a few things from the old apartment. Then I went to Whole Foods for a real grocery-shopping trip. I got ton of goodness.

Whole wheat bread, oat bran, Brown rice syrup, organic canola oil, green chili peppers, a seafood spice rub, squash, bell peppers, artichoke hearts, cilantro, portabello mushroom caps, asparagus, sea salt, the most ripe strawberries I’ve ever had.

Baby carrots, compari tomatoes, almond milk, fresh clover honey, baby swiss, salmon stuffed with feta spinach and pinenuts, sea bass, saffron shallot butter, medijool dates, goat cheddar, eggplant, pear, sweet potatoes, fuji apples, spinach, red quinoa, and bananas.

While still at Whole Foods, I got some lunch.

Vegan general tsau’s “chicken”, garlic kale (no good), roasted veggies, then some fruit. I got a vitamin water with it.

I went to Hobby Lobby with a friend, came home, heated up Sundays' leftovers. I sautéed the spinach fett, roasted red peppers, and salmon all together. I think it was better than when I made it originally.

Last night was a sleepless night again. Instead of being lethargic I made good use of myself and went to the gym at 4:45. I got there an hour before spin, so here is my entire routine.

10 minute warm-up on cross-trainer, level 5, cross-ramp 10
3 sets of 50 sit-ups on ball
3 sets of 50 crunches with legs elevated, on ball
3 sets of 50 bicycles, both sides equal 1, not 2
3 sets of 15 x-files
3 sets of 25 side bends with 10 Lb weight on each side

I came home, made breakfast:

1 egg, 2 egg-white omelet with chili peppers, and hot sauce. Toast with Brown Rice Syrup, Tomatoes, which I sauteed. I started doing this after reading a tip from Oh She Glows. In one of her posts, she simply pointed out that the cancer fighting antioxidant lycopene in like a gazillion times more potent when the tomatoes are cooked as opposed to raw. Has anybody else ever tried Brown Rice Syrup? If so, what did you think. I liked it, small doses is definitely a rule of thumb for it.

The rest of my day was spent hanging with my friend Rob going to furniture auctions, I helped him buy clothes at an outlet mall. We also stopped my a peddlers mall, it sucked. He took me to a mediterranean cafe for lunch. I got a veggie platter. It consisted of grape leaves, spinach pie, fallafel, and hummus. (sorry, no pic) Rob ate almost half mine after he finished his chicken wrap. I was full, so it didn't matter.

I finally got to see Slumdog Millionaire, it was good. I was so tired though, and now I'm on the serious verge of collapsing on the computer. I've actually nodded off a few times. Goodnight all.

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  1. Great buys at WFs! I cannot wait to get my hands on some fresh asparagus! I've heard the same thing about broccoli (that you really don't get as much of the good stuff unless you cook it!) I will have to try heating up my matoes! Hope you have a good Wednesday