Tuesday, November 17

Purple Monster

Work was a bore last night, and this morning. This is going to be a rushed post, I have to be at work again in 40 minutes. I got out of work last night super early,at 8:30. I realized I had ample time to hit the gym since it doesn't close till 11. I know I said I was going to wait till tomorrow to run, but it had already been about a week. I can honestly say that my body was itching for a run. So I did run 1.25 miles, with 1/4 warm up, 1/4 cool down. Since that took less than 20 minutes, I went on the elliptical for 45 minutes. I was panting, and sweaty, but damn did I feel good. I left that gym feeling victorious last night.

I actually turned on my TV last night for the first time in about a month, went to watch something on HBO, then realized, that in an effort to cut costs I actually canceled it yesterday as well. Haha, go figure.

I've been going to bed pretty early lately, 12 o'clock on average. That is super early for me. Last night it was closer to 1:30. I have also been getting up earlier than I have been in the past year, around 8 is the norm. Slept till 9:30, and did not want to get outta bed.

I started my day out right with 10 minutes of stretching, and used all of these awesome ingredients:

To make one of these bad boys:

It was super yummy. I really need to get the juicer attachment for my Magic Bullet, then I'd be able to use some more veggies without my shakes taste like sludge.

Lunch was just a Black-bean burger with no bun from job #1.

I just realized that when my comp crashed the people who fixed it for me didn't reinstall my Keynote, or Pages application. Although I did just find iWeb which helps you make dummy-proof websites. So I'm going to play around with it, and just might host my own site, that way I can have a lot more control and make things more user-friendly. We shall see.

Recently a few people have told me that they are trying to eat healthier, and/or go veg. So I really want to make weekly newsletter than I can email them. I just want to include a few tips, maybe a story, and recipes, a product review, simple stuff. Again, we shall see. Finding time to write this is hard enough. Speaking of that, I have to go to job #2.

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