Thursday, October 1


Morning all, I feel lethargic. I got a little less than 6 hours of sleep. I've got a lot to do today. Starting with, giving some lady a whole bunch of my money so I have a place to I'm then going to force my lazy butt into the gym. I made a new playlist, so I'm hoping that it keeps me motivated. I really need to get in awesome shape for Larissas' wedding. I already have my dress, and it fits well, but I could definitely lose a few more pounds and tone the arms and legs. This dress will be showing them off. I have an interview for a second job at 3 for the daytime, chiropractor appt. I also picked up a shift at my restaurant tonight. I need money, it cost a little over $500 to get my car fixed the other day.

In spite of all the madness that today ensues I will attempt to make some healthy homemade meals. I've really been trying to use up all the food I have in my cabinets before I go grocery shopping again, except for things like Almond milk. My breakfast was cereal, not even the good-for-you kind. I do actually need to buy some egg substitutes. I must get going now.

Have a great day,

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