Friday, October 2

Good morning all

I had plans to wake up around 9 today, but then I couldnt sleep last night, and I finally clocked out around 2:30, James decided to call me back at 4. He was a bit drunk and even though I'm not a fan of dealing with drunk people I stayed up and talked with him to make sure he was okay. Passed out again around 5:30. I need to tidy up the apartment some, then head to the gym. With not having as much free time like I had planned on, I will just bring all my stuff for work with me, shower and change at the gym.

The food wasn't nearly as healthy as I had envisioned yesterday. I honestly can't even remember what I had except for a Coconut Larabar. I must get going now. Have a great day!


Oh and I got that job. Its another serving job, for day shifts. So for the time being, I'm gonna work my ass off at both jobs, and save some cash. I really need a safety cushion. I've definitely got some things on my wish-list that I'm going to try to obtain.

Are there specific things that you are saving for? If so, what are they?

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  1. Hey hey! In terms of the meat questions...I consider myself a pescatarian...but I really am almost a full blown veggie now. I started moving this way for a number of reasons including some issues I was having with my tummy, the impact the meat industry has on the environment and frankly...because I'm not a huge fan of meat to begin with. I am feeling a lot better since I made the move