Wednesday, May 20


A friend of mine found THIS website. It talks about how your body is able to digest food base on your blood type. I am A+, in summary it says that out of all 4 blood types mine is most suited for vegetarianism, then goes into the biochemical skematics of it all. The website also mentions that calming, centering workouts are more beneficial to my body than hard vigorous ones. Reading this rang so true for me. I've seen the biggest, most beneficial changes to my body and overall health since becoming a vegetarian/pescatarian, and yoga has always been my FAVORITE form of exercise, where again I notice the changes so much sooner than with other things. I hope that everybody checks THIS site out.

Anyways, its 4:30 a.m. I just got off work an hour ago. I'm exhausted, but really wanted to share this with everybody. I'll do a real post in the morning

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