Wednesday, May 20


Good morning all. I've already been up since about 9:30. Thats pretty late, but I didnt get to bed till around 5 a.m. Damn job, kept me there till 3:30 a.m. Believe me, I am looking for a better job. I am still so intrigued by that website I found yesterday on the blood-typing. You can see it HERE. My plans today are nothing too exciting. I need to do some dishes and light cleaning, (dusting).

Not going to the gym has been killing me. So, I've decided to make it more routine to work out in the apt. I have a stability ball, and some weights. There is plenty I can do that won't affect my foot.

Bfast this morning was a bowl of oat bran with granola, almond butter and a few raisins.

I only used 1/3 of a cup dry oat bran, and all my mixins were about teaspoon each. I could barely finish half of it. My appetite lately is almost non-existant. I'm not really complaining, I am just making sure that I am getting enough nutrients to keep me going.

I've been in a very "Rocky" mood lately. So I went to video store and rented Rocky II, and Rocky III. I obviously own the first one. On my next day off I'll be getting the last 3. I also rented the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I had never seen it before, and figured it was high time I did so. I had to fast forward through most of the singing, it gave me a headache. I'm not one much for musicals.

Time to get my day started, I hope y'alls is good too.

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  1. Love raisins in oatmeal/oatbran. Hope the foot is feeling better!!