Friday, February 27

Death by axe murderer???

I absolutely hate those nights where I fee really uneasy, and scared that I'm going to get chopped to death by an axe murderer. I didn't go to sleep until after 5 a.m. I just laid there. Then I still woke up around 10. Sometimes I really wish I didn't live alone.

Started some cleaning, around 2 I started my pot roast. I'm nervous that since I started it late and I had to cook it on high that it will be dry. I could always switch it to low, but then it wont be done till like 9. I got a call from the day care that T was sick, and to go pick him up. I felt so bad for him. He had a really bad fever, so I figured I would do something to make him happy. What better than a Happy Meal. I actually ordered a burger too. It was not very good, and it made me vomit. My brothers fiance picked up little man soon after we got back to the apt. I feel so bad for him, I hate seeing him like that.

No gym today, my legs are killing me right now. The guy is supposed to come over in about an hour. I'm just so tired, I was hoping to be a bit more awake tonight. Possibly going to an auction tomorrow. Who knows?

Finally the money to all my accounts has posted. I noticed that for my federal return it is about 300 less than its supposed to be. So we'll see what happens with the state, and if its not there I'll have to call the IRS again. I swear I hate talking to them. Just a thought, maybe I'll get part of it later because that is supposed to be how much my "stimulus" package is? So now I can finish paying off the cards, yippee!!!

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