Sunday, February 1

Wake-up Weirdness

When I woke up this morning I just felt so out of place, like something was amiss. I made sure everything was taken care of. No late bills, no forgotten pills. I just cant explain this feeling I had.

Anyway I went to the HomeGoods store. That place is awesome. they are pretty much all over, except where I am from. Its connected to TJ Maxx which I love. So awesome I got these awesome canisters from Vintage Kitchen. I got a really cute soap dish for my bathroom. It looks like a lady bug, and some new dish towels. They are st. patty's day. I just really wanted to inject a little bit of subtle color into my kitchen.

I used my my MB (magic bullet) twice yesterday. First in the morning I blended some smoked salmon with chive and onion cream cheese. Spread it on my bagel. Later it was just some soymilk, banana, soy protein powder, and granola. I was a bit pissed that when I bought my powder and opened it up and it was half empty. I was a bit peeved, they should either fill it all the way up, or make it half as big. I was not in much of a mood to cook so I ate my new Larabar. This one was icky. I've been hearing awesome things about those Larabars, but that one did not live up to the reputation.

That is one of my new dish rags.

So I worked out yesterday, I had told my dad how I really wasn't seeing a lot of results lately. So he told me to up my resistance, which I did, majorly. I could only do 30 minutes at the with a 15 resistance and 8 cross-ramp. Then i did 20 minutes on an 16 crossramp, and 8 resistance. I was so tired. That was the excitement of my day. I also caught the latest episode of Burn Notice. I love that show.

Today is pretty blah, I think I'm going to take a nap in a little bit.

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