Tuesday, February 3

Fluffy Yoga

Today was nice. Started my morning off with a Cherry Pie flavored Larabar. This one was awesome. I am hooked. Had yummy mexican food with Paul for lunch. The chili rellanos (sp) wasn't great, so it became a leftover item. No pics, but I was very proud of myself for not eating any of the millions of free chips they give you. If only I had the same will power for those yummy rolls at Texas Roadhouse.

Picked up T from daycare early so we could hang out. I never really get to see him anymore so we had ourselves a good old time. He did that bouncy trampoline harness thing. He loves that. Got him an ice cream, and we got one of those 4 pack of pictures in a strip. It was fun, then we chilled and watched Diego together.

After Paul got off work, he took up little man and and I made my way to the gym. Did 40 on the cross-trainer on medium-high intervals. I then raced back downstairs grabbed my mat out of the locker and found my spot. I can't say that I was completely impressed. I figured since I haven't done yoga in an organized setting in over 2 months that it would be challenging. Thing is the instructor did a lot of fluff moves, like sphinx, and just a whole bunch of prayers, and sun-salutations. The last 15 minutes were the only challenging bit. I swear there only like 3-downward facing dogs, and chatarungas. I need to find a small independent yoga studio around town, I always like them better than over-sized generic classes.

After my workout I munched on a Nectar by Clif bar. Super yummy. Stopped to see my bro at his girlfriends house. They just got a Wii, I played tennis for 10 minutes and had to quit to let the kids play. Stopped by Heine Bros coffee and grabbed an India Assam tea. I've been telling myself to put away the laundry for over 2 hours now. I don't think it's going to happen till tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am going to try out my new Power Yoga with Dave Farmar podcasts that I have been hearing rave revues about. I'm not even kidding when I say that my Iphone is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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