Monday, February 9

Speedy Shiny Car

Stayed up late last night arguing with somebody who isn't even worth my time. Got up around 10:30. Ate a yummy bowl of Kashi Cereal. Went to the post office again, to mail something off for my brother. Apparantly there are no Farmers Markets around here, and the one I could manage to find was shut down. So I went to Whole Foods picked up some stuff.

The service tech from my furniture store came by to look at my screwed up tables. I should be able to pick out new ones this weekend. Two tables in two months? That both had the same problem go wrong with them. I choosing a different model this time, rather than just letting them replace it with the exact same kind.

I finally washed my car. She is beautiful once again. Made a simple salad for lunch. I tried an Oikos Greek Yogurt. YUCK, it tasted rotten, one bite, and I honestly wanted to vomit.

I am about to put away dishes, laundry, and vacuum. HOORAY!!!!

That is just a picture from the Speed Art Museum where I went the other night. It was a SoCo tasting. So they were having shots of Southern Comfort for $2. We had fun.

Here is something else that I am very proud of:

: My new vacuum ROCKS

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