Monday, February 9

Lazy Daisy

I woke up around 8, and just laid there drifting in and out of sleep till 11. Had a Clif bar for breakfast, went to gym at 2, got out around 4. Laid around for a little bit, quick shower, got ready went to work. My feet were hurting so bad after work, and I was starving. Besides b-fast, all I had was a soy protein shake after my workout. So I got a sandwich and India Asaam tea from Heine Bros. Headed to Walmart. I was considering buying all the fruits and veggies I need for the upcoming week. But I really want organic, and possibly locally grown. So instead I'll check out the local Farmers Market, and the Whole Foods tomorrow. So all I got was some more tuna, Kashi cereal, comfy work shoes, and a new vacuum. Now I'm just laying here, about to hit fall asleep any minute. I really want a new book.

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