Saturday, February 21

Saturday Night Blues

I went up to the furniture store again today. Picked out my new coffee and end tables. I think next weekend I'm going to Ikea. The closest one is almost 2 hours away in Ohio. I'm going to try to get the guy to go with me. I also told the furniture store, about the issues with my dining set and chairs. So now I've got to wait till the 9th for them to come look at it. I am just so sick of this place. I am never buying anything from there again.

That was lunch: yogurt, grapes with goat cheese, and pecans. I really think goat cheese goes with everything.

Work was pretty slow. There was a new host, that I "trained", which basically all we did was play on our phones. I'm kind of pissed though. The guy is cool and all, but I'm only getting 3 shifts a week as it is. He got the job because he is cool with 2 of the other guys who work there. It was so dead, so they let me go after only 4 hours. Not complaining though.

I was so hungry at work, and I was about to order some wings for myself. I told myself NO, and just came home and made THIS:

It is hummus, baby leaf spinach, cucumbers, and tomatoes on an ezekiel tortilla. It was yummy, but I was craving something with some protein. So I grabbed a 2.6oz packet of tuna, mixed it with 1 tsp of Veganaise, and some relish. I am now very content. Well sort of, I'm craving social interaction. That is not something food can fix. So I am considering going to Heine Bros for an India Asaam Tea.

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