Saturday, February 21

Italiono Dinner

On yesterdays post I mentioned I would give an update on how the 20/20 workout was. I am sufficiently sore. I actually managed to get up around 9, so I thought, "hey, I'm awake and there is a yoga class at 10:30, why not go?" Yeah, I fell back asleep.


Work called when I was in the middle of cooking. I politely told them I couldn't come in. The guy was a little bit late getting here. All the food turned out pretty good. He really liked the eggplant. I thought it was missing something. I didn't manage to get a pic of the eggplant, they were so beautiful when they came out of the oven. Then we hung out for a bit. He had to work today in the day time and I have to work tonight. We looked and there is an awesome auction tonight, but it starts at 6. He told me is going to go. I really wanted to go. Gotta make that money though.

After he left last night, I had the last piece of eggplant. I doubt they store well. I added goat cheese to that. OMG, it made it perfect. I don't know why I didn't do that before. My favorite salad incorporates both those elements. It is from Carrabbas and is called the Fiorucci. GET IT.

I really should go workout, and I definitely have time before work I have to go into work. I figure I'll be lazy for another half hour, then go.

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