Sunday, February 22

Money miracles

So I have 3 different checking, and savings accounts. Then 3 different credit cards, and 2 separate investment accounts. That is a lot of checking up to do online... While searching for free apps for my iPhone I found Mint. Just go to the website and it shows you all your accounts, cash to debt ratio, budgeting tools, net worth, and ways to to save money based on your own spending habits. It is easily the best finance tool ever. HERE is the site. No lie, it rocks.

NOTE: You don't need the iPhone to use this. The iPhone app is just another way to check the site.

Besides that, I ran a few errands with the guy in the afternoon. After all that I went to pick up T from his moms. She wouldn't give him back to me, and since she doesnt have primary custody I had to call the cops. I also recorded my entire conversation with her and her drugged out brother and boyfriend. So I hope it will be admissible in court. My brother has been fighting so hard to get custody of my little man. He completely deserves it. The mom is a total druggie and just sucks at life.

Today was definitely the ultimate test. I haven't mentioned this for a few reasons. I quit smoking. It has been 5 whole days. Normally I smoke when I'm hanging out with friends. I really don't hang out with anybody anymore so I pretty much nixed that aspect. The second place I almost always have a cigarette in my mouth is while I'm in the car. So todays 1 1/2 hour car ride each way was rough. Especially on the way back. I was fuming mad. I keep munching on gum. I have noticed that I am eating more, which I'm really trying to note when I'm actually hungry and when I'm just trying to fill a void so I wont grab more food.

The main reason I didn't want to say anything is that I don't want to be one of those people that seems to quit every other day. So I wanted to make sure I could last more than a few days. I know that the carbon monoxide starts leaving your lungs within 24 hours, and the nicotine is completely out of the system in 3 days. The rest of it is all mental. It really is the mental part that kicks peoples asses. I know that I am strong enough to handle this....COLD TURKEY.

UPDATER: I can't stop eating, wtf. all my hard work at the gym is going out the window. tomorrow morning I'm going to dedicate at least 2 1/2 hours to kicking my ass into shape. I need more gum.

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  1. you can do it evey!!! i am so proud of you, you are strong you can and will follow through. You should do something with your hands, maybe crocheting to keep your mind off of smoking.