Monday, February 23

Losing my cool

The not smoking thing is really starting to get to me. My jaw actually hurts from chewing so much gum. Not to mention I have bitten my tongue twice in the past two days. I still keep eating, also I didn't go to the gym. So here is my recap on the day.

  • Woke up at 9, ate cereal
  • dropped T off at daycare at 10
  • went to Target
  • Picked up tipshare from work
  • picked Trendon up at 1 for a doctors appt.
  • Ate, Arbys-so ashamed
  • Doctors appt
  • Brought T back to daycare
  • Home Depot, I bought a star-key.
  • Came home, snacked, played online.
  • Continued to snack-almonds and dried Apricots
  • Back to home depot, got paint swatches
  • Went to Ear x-tacy and got 2 cds, and a movie that I love, "Once"
  • Heine Bros Coffee, got my usual India Asaam Tea.
  • Drove around
  • Home again, 2 grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Currently killing some Stride gum, while typing this.
  • About to go watch Once with the guy at his place.

Those are the 4 colors I narrowed it down too. I put them on the cabinets to see what the contrast would look like. There are so many cabinets in my kitchen it is overwhelming. I like the pinkish/orange, and the olive the best.

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