Tuesday, February 24


I should start getting ready for work right now. It normally doesn't take that long, but I've got to iron my clothes as well. Today hasn't been that mad in the cigarette department. Yesterday was tough. I think I pissed the guy off with my grumpy disposition.

B-fast was a bowl of oat bran with chocolate protein powder, handful of granola, and some almond butter. I think I overcooked it a bit. Next time I'll just use some polaner as a topping. Oat bran is very similar to cream of wheat, only MUCH better for you.
Worked out today. 45 minutes on the cross-trainer on the interval setting. Wasn't hard. I just didn't want to be there. I then did a killer ab workout, and a medium intensity arm workout.

I really need the hours at work, I just want to be lazy today. Its mardi gras tonight so I know we'll be super slammed and I'll be there all night. I just want a day job, I'm sick of not getting to make plans ever because of my freakin low paying job. I just keep telling myself, that it'll all be over soon and my new job will start next month.

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