Friday, February 20

Driving Doggie

Went up to my favorite store big ol' WHOLE FOODS. Saw this and just had to take a pic. Thought it was just pretty darn awesome. Got all the stuff to finish off my dishes for the night, and a few necessities like paper towels, which happened to be made out of 100% recycled paper.

I didnt go to bed till almost 5 A.M. I got caught up watching one of my all time favorite movies, CASINO. It didn't disappoint, never does. Still woke up at 10. Went and picked up my tip-share.

Then headed off to the gym. I was determined to make this a good workout. So I did the mountain setting on my cross-trainer at level 10. AYE AYE AYE. At my gym they have these set of machines grouped together with a giant timer overhead. Its 20 machines. You do as many reps as you can for 45 seconds, then it gives you 15 seconds to switch machines. So 20 machines, in 20 minutes. Works out your entire body. I will give results tomorrow. I hope to be decently sore.

Made it home. I showered, got pretty, and did the first step in the polenta process, so it is chilling in the fridge right now. It was actually after this that I went to WH. I finally put away all the laundry, I am honestly so proud of myself. I've accomplished quite a bit today.

I am just hoping that the dinner tonight goes good. I'm nervous that I'm going to screw it all up. I'm going to do some last minute cleaning here shortly. You can bet that I will be taking pictures of my dinner tonight. I'll make sure he is in the other day. I doubt he knows about my blog, and would probably think I'm odd for photographing food.

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