Wednesday, February 25

Fat Tuesday can suck a Fat One

I was at work till just now. Honestly, don't these people have jobs to go to in the morning? Who the hell parties on a Tuesday, and Tuesday is always our busiest day of the week. Damn $2 Pint Night. I am exhausted. No work tomorrow, and the cleaning is minimal. I will definitely be sleeping in.

I was reading my Favorite Blog earlier, and she asked a question about what everybody was giving up for lent. I'm thinking to myself what can I give up, and work to improve myself on during the next 40 days?

I have come up with these 3 things:
  1. STOP late night snacking
  2. No more diet coke
  3. Yoga EVERY day
Although I am not religious, I figure this to be a good time to improve myself. I think this because others will be doing the same thing, which in turn makes it easier. Also, if I can manage to go without cigarettes I can live without diet coke. I remember just a few weeks ago sitting around smoking my cigarette while drinking my dc. haha

I would also like to add that ASHLEY, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!!

I believe it is bedtime now.

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